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  • Tell me how.?

    How can i tell my heart to stop crying , to forget about a love that show me true love, that make my heart beat fast and slow at the same time, that even knowing that people say that love make you feel butterflys in your stomag, for me it wasnt like that, love for me is only a word that i need to erase from my head and my heart, i dont wanna think about love anymore, because my true love hurt me so much, i still think about him, day and night theres no words to describe the feelings i have inside, love is only one thing and only happend once's. but how can i forget? i still wake up at night and cry for that love and blame my self for what happend, tell how can i stop blamming my self..?? i cant even see him in the eyes, i dont even know if im alive, i see my hold life passing by,where did i go wrong no vary is perfect because theres no such thing as perfect. meaby i didnt show him my love for him but its not in my nature, the love the i show is the love that my family show me,

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  • Help me Understand !!!!?

    Help me understand why is so hard to let go something you love, something that you thoug was ment to be for you, that make you feel happy shows you how to love, something that make you felt alive,secure, and procteted, something that show you that live is not only a empty place where you dont belong, something that gave strange to wake-up everyday and think that even if it looks like a bad day it wouldnt be, something that even if so scary that by just having it by your side ill will make it better.

    Just help me understand a way to let go of it. that even know is gonna hurt i'll be OK! that even knowing that your heart doesnt understand was going on and that just something so stupid can be so sencetive and can brake it.

    Help me understand how can i stop loving someone that show me how to love but not how to forget.

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  • How can i find a person using here email address..?

    hi im looking for someone i try emailing her but she doesnt have a pc anymore so i dont see the point of emailing her..... and i lost contact with her long time ago..... and im trying to get her phone number.. but i dont know where..... so can someone help me......

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  • Porque los Afroamericanos y los Norte Americanos nos llaman a los latinos en general MEXICANS.??

    Porque los Afroamericanos y los Norte Americanos nos llaman a lo latinos en general MEXICANS..?....Cuando no todos somos de mexico. " oooh" seran tan poco inteligentes que no saben que existen otros paises que hablan espanol y tenemos similitud en el ficico y en el color de piel pero no somos MEXICANS.... ..!!!!... Creo que se deverian tomor el tiempo de ver el globo terraquiio y en contraran mas paises aparte de mexico.... no se sientan descriminados los mexicanos solo es una pregunta para tratar de comprender la inteligencia de lo s Afro Americanos y los Norte Americanos.... Gracias

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  • Betta (pragnet). how long does it take for a betta to get pragnet?

    Hello i have 2 bettas 1 is a female and the other one is a male i have them together and i wanna know how long does it take for my betta to get pregnant.......or what should i do to do that......they seen to get alone really good with each other .... so if someone can let me know aht to do i will be really happy....

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  • Why does the white and black community .. calls all ( ...LATINOS ...) Mexican's..??

    White and black people have this thing about LATINOS not because we are Latinos that doesnt mean that we are Mexicans there Latinos from many others countrys ...Mexicans mean that you were born in Mexico.... Latinos means people from Latin America....

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  • I just had a baby how can i lose weight.?

    i just had a baby and i dont have much time for my self i have 2 other kids im a little bit fat and i feel bad about it i really wanna lose weight but i dont know how to start.....

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