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  • Why does my newborn do this?

    My two month old seems to only be able to fall asleep when he has a blanket really close to his face. I'm with him the whole time and once he falls asleep I remove the blanket away from his face I just don't know why he does this; it has only been going on for about a month.

    I guess my question is does anyone else's baby do this, and if so, why do you think they do this?

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  • Why would he do this to me?

    My ex boyfriend and u broke up in November 24. I moved out and I am pregnant with his child. It had been a while sincei was last on Facebook, but I activated my Facebook to invite his mom to my baby shower, since she did want to be invited before anything happened and age was always there for me.

    Going through his fried list not only did I find his mom I found a picture of him and this other girl together. It broke me to peices not only that picture but she did have lots more of them together. He still textes me, he never told me he was wirh another girl. I know it's none of my business, but just a day ago he invited me over to his place he even picked me up. We ended up having sex.

    If I had known about her, I would have a Never Gone with him especially had sex with him. When I was over at his place I found a girl brush, abd I asked him about it. He said oh I found it in my closet. I didn't think anything of it.

    Why would he hide ths from me????!!!!

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  • Which Broncos jersey should I get?

    Okay I know Christmas passed, but I wanted to get my ex a jersey for his favorite team The Broncos. I want to get him the best players Jersey. Which one do you guys recommend. I'm getting him something 1. Because his family is in another city. 2. I want him to have something at least for Christmas 3. I still care about him and want him to have nice things.

    Also due to work I was getting out late soi wasn't able to do my shopping on time. Lol.

    Thanks for your guy's input. I would prefer answers from football fans and even better broncos fans.

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  • Pregnancy question on certain pain.?

    So today I went to pee in the morning and I had some faint fresh blood. Then about an 4 hours ago I went to go pee again this time i had a small strand like red blood that I saw in my pee. Then went to the movies and got a couple of cramp like feelings, but I could feel the baby moving. I still feel the baby moving right now, but I've had a little bit of pain. I'm going to go see my gynecologist on the second of Thursday.

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  • Who should I stay with?

    I've known my ex bf for 7 years. This year in January I broke up with him because I didn't feel the same about him, in may I met a guy who I really liked. Now this guy that I met his name is levi, and we have had a great relationship.

    I ended up getting pregnant and now I'm 2.5 months pregnant. They both want to get married to me, they both say they love me. Beto my ex has always been a great guy, and I feel like I've gone through a lot with him. He and I also have the same religious beliefs.

    Levi is this cute white guy. I'm Mexican and so it's hard for him to talk to my parents. Other than that, I enjoy being with him he wants to get married with me and start a family Even if the baby isn't his.

    I think the baby is my ex Bfs. But when I'm with him it feels natural and comfortable. When I'm with levi it feels nice and love spending time with him.

    I just can't talk about this with anyone. I only have my self. So it's hard to figure out what to do.

    Can I please get your guy's input. It would really make my decision better. Thanks.

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  • What does it mean if my LMP and ultrasound dates match?

    When I went to get my ultrasound they let me know I was 9 weeks 0 days pregnant.

    Both the lmp date and vaginal ultrasound date were the same. Does that mean I got pregnant exactly 9 weeks 0 days?

    My lmp was June 2, a week later June 9 I slept with my bf. Exactly a week after that which is June 16 I slept with my ex. I'm just trying to figure out who the dad is.

    Thanks for your input.

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  • How can i stop my rapid weight gain?

    I am just 9 weeks pregnant and when I found out I was pregnant I was weighing in at 160-2 lbs right now I'm weighing in at 172lbs after eating.

    I worked so hard to lose weight because I used to weigh 198 lbs and once I knew I was pregnant I kind of stopped eating healthy and exercising because of work, stress and time. Plus I knew i was going to get fat anyway. I haven't worked out in about a month.

    I used to do cardio 3xs a week running at least 3 miles and doing weight training. Can I go back to doing this and start eating healthy and maybe lose fat?

    I don't want to get as big as i was. as soon as my baby is born i want to get in shape asap

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  • Opinions over the Father of my baby?

    Monday I went to the doctors and they did an ultrasound on me and also did I believe it's called vagisound?

    Well anyway they told me I was about 9 weeks 0days pregnant.

    My first day of my LMP was June 2nd, I slept with my now boyfriend on June 9th and a week later I was with my ex bf on June 16.

    I was having trouble finding out who was the father of my baby, but the nurse thinks it's a high possibility its my now boyfriend.

    Whay do you guys think. They gave me a 4 day Window and she believes I conceived from the 9-11.

    Thanks for your time =)

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  • Father issued, in need of opinions.?

    So today I went to go get a pregnancy test done and I was told I was 8 weeks 6 days pregnant. How accurate is this information, it was not from a ultrasound, it was just by a urine test.

    The first day of my last period was June 2nd and from ptracker an app on Android, it says that I ovulated the 16th of JuneSo how is it possible to have gotten pregnant right after my period??

    I ask because I was intimate with a new guy I met on June 9th and with my ex bf June 16th. So idk who is the dad.I have been honest with both and both know my situation and are ok. They both really like me and want me to have the baby.

    Monday I'm going to get my first ultrasound so the nurse could tell me, I just want opinions Thanks.

    I just an confused on whose it is.I am just looking for feedback and honest answers. Thanks.

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  • Am I having a miscarriage?

    Hi everyone, I found outi was pregnant a week ago.

    It was unplanned, but I told my bf.

    I was very upset I was pregnant because I took all the precautions and still got pregnant.

    I was upset, and angry and stressed with my pregnancy and work.

    This Monday I started having cramps and brownish blood spotting, went to go pee at night and saw some whitish tissue in the toilet and what seemed to be a tiny floaty thing. I tried to pick it up with a disposable cup, but ended up dissapearing. I never got to see it clearly.

    Today at work I was getting ready to leave and I started to feel like when I get my period like peeing. I ran to the restroom and I had bright red blood that had come out. Sometimes when I get up from bed I feel a little light headed, but I don't know if that's due to me just getting up. I have noticed a little back pain, but can't say unbearable back pain.

    My bleeding happened around 3, after that I've been spotting still bright red blood, but not gushing out like it did earlier. I took another pregnancy test and it still shows pregnant. I don't know if I am or not.

    What do you guys think? I'm going to the doctor sometime this week due to work, but I really need opinions.


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  • Pain inside vagina, only when I pee. TMI.?

    Yesterday my boyfriend and I decided to go swimming because it was really hot!

    Didn't want to ruin the day for him toi just decided to use a tampon. I put one in and took it out right away bc I felt like peeing, after that I put in another one. I thought I put it in right; I could feel it just a bit, but was not uncomfortable.

    When I came back from pool I needed to pee so I went to the restroom and took it out, when I did this a bunch of pool water came rushing out. Then I started to pee, but ever time I'm almost done, it hurts so much like a burning scratch sensation.

    Has this happened to anyone else? What ccould it be?

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  • Why does my Xbox do this?

    This is the second time in the last hour and a half my Xbox turns itself off I believe it may have overheated but I let it cool off and turned it back on and I was able to use it again, until like not even a minute ago it turned off again...

    Did it really overheat or something much worse? Not even my old white Xbox overheated, but will it continue to do this always or what will happen?

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  • Is it me or lately in BF3, everyone got smarter?

    Lol, well my question is for the tank users in bf3.

    Does it seem like helicopters are always on your *** now and locking on to you and everyone carries rockets?

    I ask this bc as a tank user a week ago I didn't have this problem. Pretty much once I got a tank I would abolish the whole team!

    Okay okay, maybe I exaggerated, but seriously i would be in the tank for half the match. Now I can't seem to stay in it for more than 3-5 min. I have over 2000 kills with it and I am a colonel lvl 25, also why don't people in our team help us out and take the helis down. I try to do that when I see a heli attack a tank.

    So my questions are; has everyone turned against tanks now? Or I just suck. How many kills do you have with the tank & your rank.

    Thanks and have a lovely night.

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  • Battlefield 3 question!?

    Okay well today I got on to play a game before I left to go out, I'm a colonel level 19 going on to colonel lvl 20. Anywho I played the complete game of conquest I ended up with about 13700 points. I pretty much dominated the game with the tank up until half the match then my teammates quit. Anyway I know I got a medal and a ton of ribbons I also got "promoted." when the game ended I only received like 4 ribbons and my medal. My stats still show that I'm a colonel lvl 19 but I checked the battlelog and says I'm a lvl 20.

    Has this happened to anyone else, if so does it ruin your stats? Will it fix itself? I will post my battlelog page. Please note that I'm not very good compared to others so be nice. Best answer gets 10 points thanks : D.

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  • How is it that I have no memory of learning to write in spanish?

    As a child I only learned to write in English and no spanish. Although spanish was the first language I learned to speak, then English was picked up through the television, school, friends. I only spoke spanish but somehow I know how to write in spanish almost perfectly I believe. I have no memory of being taught to write spanish. Why is this?

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  • ¿Porque se vendieron unos Mexicanos?

    Viviendo en él extranjero anduve mirando de cerca las elecciones Mexicana, y por lo visto mucha gente se vendió. Cómo gente sabiendo él pasado de él PRI continúa apoyándolo. Si pudiera votar en México, yo no vendería mi voto. Creo que uno que vende su voto no es un Mexicano que busca que él país Mejore.

    Alguien de ustedes vendió si voto, su fue así porque y por cuánto?

    Ustedes creen que él país va ir de mal a peor? Cómo Mexicanos cómo podemos ayudar a México? O es que necesitemos una revolución Mexicana para sacará a las familias de nacos (narcos) y poder establecer un gobierno no tan corrupto? Cómodo es que países cómo Egipto, Syria con leyes más estrictos pueden pelear por él cambio de si país pero nosotros no?

    Perdón por tantas preguntas pero son cosas que me gustaría saver. Gracias y DIOS los bendiga.

    Escribí todo en mi celular, alomejor escribí algo mal. Perdón.

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  • Looking for some females to game with on BF3?

    I mostly play conquest, but I do like to play other things. I am tired of playing alone with randoms who don't do anything. I'm usually the one taking down jets or helicopters even tanks. I never see any chicks on there and it would be cool to play with some :)

    I want to party up and have fun plus win! My spm is 313 its low because I'm usually getting spawn killed. I'm a colonel level 6 and am an okay jet flyer, helicopters not so much but I'm a good gunner. My gt is siimply divine. You can also leave your gt. Thanks.

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  • Why can't I reinstall back to karkand maps?

    Okay I downloaded the new update and when it finished I tried downloading the b2k maps and I couldn't find them. So I went to the xbox marketplace and tried to download it from there and its charging me 1200 ms points. I went to my history and couldn't find the maps I have the limited edition. On bf3 online store I don't know which of the list are the maps our if even they are on there. I tried google but couldn't find an answer.

    Has this happened to anyone else. Please respond because I'm pretty upset. Thanks a lot.

    Oh also I restarted the game a lot and never got a message to install it. I recently changed my gamertag could this have affected it?

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  • Je cherche des correspondants Francais.?

    J'essaie d'apprendre le Francais. lol.

    I am looking for a pen pal who speaks english or spanish i know both very well. I want to learn French and i have been studying what i can, but i believe that it is a good idea to speak with someone who actually knows french. I hope to hear from you soon. I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me? Thanks.

    Estoy buscando por un pen pal que pueda hablar espanol o ingles, yo se los dos muy bien. He estado estudiando todo el frances possible. pero pienso que es mejor hablar con alguien que sepa hablarlo bien. Estare esperando un mensaje de ustedes. Gracias por su attencion. Hay alguien que no le molestaria ayudarme? Gracias.

    Mi email es:

    My email is:

    i would be willing to help you learn either english or spanish.

    Estaria dispuesta de ayudarlos en los lenguajes Ingles o espanol.

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  • Why can't I like MW3?

    Ok well, its been almost a month since MW3 arrived and I have not liked it one bit. I mean when I first got it I probably played 2 hours the first day and stoped playing it for like a week because it bored me. Campers, the stupid maps, useless guns bored me.

    Now I have 9 hours on it and have tried hard to maybe learn to like it, like I learned to love black ops. Mw2 was always fun for me, never got bored of it. I consider myself a decent player, usually in the top scores, but idk if its me that has gotten bored and sick of COD or its just a terrible horrible game. I've always been a fan of both battlefield and COD and when I got battlefield 3 I had a lot of fun. I've already have 1 day and 18 hours of game play time. I love that game, sadly I don't have almost any friends who play it.

    Anywho, I wish I could like MW3 because most of my friends play it, what could I do to start to like it. What should I do?

    Also I get mad when people say MW3 is the best COD because it isnt. And why its it that I'm always in a bad mood when playing MW3?

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