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Gavin Wellington

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Hey Y!A Babes and Dudes! :) I'm Gavin. I'm a 19 year old male who lives in San Diego, California.( The 21 thing was a typo, sorry!) I am a bass guitarist for the band "The Scene". I started out as some quiet guy who just loved to imitate the guitar solos from bands such as Coldplay, My chemical romance, Darkest Hour, Alesana and Slipknot, which are my favorite bands. I began to play the bass guitar in my junior year of high school. At first I thought it was all bullshit and I should quit because I'll never get hired by anybody. But then one night, i went out to a club and that was where I met The Scene. They were in need of a bass guitarist and I showed them my skills and the rest was history. The Scene consists of 5 guys. I play lead guitar.John Perry, he plays back up guitar. Chet Ringston- he plays back up as well. Hayden thomson is our drummer jekyll is our lead singer.