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  • Why can't white people be proud of being white?

    I know that white people have done some VERY bad things in the past, but why can't white people say there proud to be of European decent, or proud to white without being called a racist. Why is there a black history month but not a white history month? Why can schools have an African American Club but not European-American Club? A school in Northern California tried to have a European-American Club but it was shut down by the school. Why is it fine for black people to say bad things about white people, but a white person can't even tell a black family to turn there music down without it being called racist?

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  • How is FACEBOOK useful?

    i just joined this website, and don't understand all the hype around it. i can understand how kids can find this an interesting way to kill time but i'm in my 30s . how is this website useful for an adult.

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  • Essential components needed to build a desktop computer?

    I'm currently wondering what all of the essential things I need to build a desktop computer are. I already have a monitor so that isn't needed. I also have a few basic questions about how I know components are compatible with each other when I search through sites for the best deal.

    Here is a list of the things I think I need:

    1. A tower (although I'm not sure if I need a specific kind or not but I assume optical drive trays and 3-4 bays for drives will be fine)

    2. Power (I'm not sure about voltage and if that will cause compatibility problems with other hardware)

    3. Motherboard

    4. i7 processor

    5. SSD for Windows

    6. 1 TB hard drive for normal files that don't need quick access

    7. Blu-Ray DVD burner

    8. Video card (I'm unsure about what I want for this. I don't play video games but I'd like my computer to be capable of lasting a few years for future needs.)

    9. Sound card

    10. RAM

    11. Network card

    Is there anything else I need? Other than the extra hard drive do I have too much stuff here? Also, do I need to get a fan/cooler or do the components already have things that will handle that?

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  • Why are people so against welfare?

    So i really need someone to explain this concept to me because I am Simply baffled by how a person can look them self's in the mirror when they hold these views. Welfare, yes some people abuse it but not all and even with the belief that these people are lazy; Welfare money is not money being used on royalties. Its money used to buy food, keep people in homes (imagine how your home town would look filled with homeless people) and create some sort of balance among society, (facts are some people have it easier than others) and most ironically this is money that goes right back into the economy as isn't being put in banks, its money spent. so how can someone seriously complain about it, yes some lazy abusive people take advantage of it but in the most part if you suddenly lost everything you would want a system to help to be in place. To say i oh its socialist, oh its whatever, seems incredibly selfish to me. Specially considering these people complaining live fine lives without this money being taken out.

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  • are you allowed to leave the campus in boarding school?

    can i leave when ever i want? or am i confined to the small campus till senior year. the school i want to go to has a mall literally across the street but im not sure if ill be allowed to go to it. do i need permission for everytime i leave or something.

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