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  • ¿cómo es seno coseno y tangente de 155 120 225 240 315?

    cómo es seno coseno y tangente de 155 120 225 240 315

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  • ¿matemáticas (décimo)?

    si un angulo es doble de otro, ¿ su seno también lo es? en culquier caso pon un ejemplo

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  • ¿ecuaciones lineales por sustitucion?

    a) -4y + 6y =-2




    c)5x+4y =14


    d)15x-8y= 0

    12x+36y = 0

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  • ¿ayuda con ingles (FIRST CONDITIONAL) ?

    complete the following sentences using the correct form

    1 if you are a young man,you _____ able to walk

    a is

    b was

    c will be

    d would be

    2 we_____ a sun tan if we sit on the beach!

    a are

    b were

    c will have

    d would be

    3 if smoking is allowed here, everybody____

    a have

    b had

    c will smoke

    d would have

    4 if there_____ no mosquitoes, there won"t be malaria

    a is

    b are

    c was

    d be

    5 if my hair is black, i____ completely different

    a look

    b looks

    c will look

    d would look

    6 if i _____a soda every day i won"t lose weight!

    a drink

    b drank

    c will drink

    d would drunken

    7 if you see an animal, don"t be scare, it___ my sheep

    a is

    b was

    c will be

    d would be

    8 i like camping, but i ________ in a hotel

    a would have ... stayed

    b will stay

    c had... would stay

    d had... stayed

    9 i ____to sea world to see the dolphins if they are open

    a will went

    b can go

    c would go

    d will go

    10 if the weather ____ better, we ___-to the park

    a- got ... will go

    b get ... would go

    c gets ... will go

    d getting ... go

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  • ¿historia del piedemonte llanero?

    cual es la historia del piedemonte llanero (Colombia)

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  • ¿indígenas (prehispánica)?

    como influye el medio ambiente en la vida de los indígenas

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  • ¿ayuda con ingles ( el cero condicional )?

    use y estructures del cero condicional

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  • ¿ayuda con ingles?grasias?


    February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day for romance and love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    You see a lot of romantic symbols on Valentine’s Day. For example, many couples give each other roses. To give someone flowers at any time of year is romantic, and as roses are a symbol of romance, roses on Valentine’s Day are especially popular.

    Another symbol of romance that is seen frequently on Valentine’s Day is Cupid. In Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus, the goddess of love. Cupid was often shown as a smaller, more playful version of his mother. His golden arrows were magical and even slight contact with one of the arrow tips could make a person fall madly in love.

    One understanding of romantic love—called courtly love—dates back to medieval times, and sending cards on Valentine’s Day dates back equally far. In 1415, a prisoner in the Tower of London sent a poem to his wife. This is considered to be one of the earliest recorded valentines. For over four hundred years, people made their own valentines by writing poems like this.

    In the Victorian era, in the mid-1800s, companies started producing valentines for people to buy. Now many people buy, rather than make, their valentines. Almost one billion valentines are sent every year. According to the Greeting Card Association, 85% of the valentines are bought by women.

    Of course, people don’t just buy cards. People buy candles and balloons and many other things, often in the shape of a heart. You can find boxes of candy that are shaped like hearts, or candy that is itself in the shape of a heart!

    The presents might be something small and sweet or something big and dramatic. Some people get engaged (promise to marry each other) on Valentine’s Day. Although Valentine’s Day is generally romantic, many people like to use the day to celebrate any kind of love—including love of friends and family.

    Some schools have valentine parties. The students give each other valentines. They eat heart-shaped candy. Some schools have other valentine celebrations, such as dances.

    1. Valentine’s Day is a _______ day.

    a. lonely and fun

    b. romantic and playful

    c. roman and greek

    d. none of the above

    2. Why is Cupid associated with Valentine’s Day?

    a. He is the son of the goddess of love.

    b. He has arrows, which are romantic.

    c. Valentine’s Day was originally a Roman holiday.

    d. Babies are cute and playful.

    3. What are some symbols of Valentine’s Day?

    a. Eggs, bacon, and roses.

    b. Candy, roses, and liver.

    c. Cupid, roses, and hearts.

    d. None of the above

    4. What do many people do on Valentine’s Day?

    a. They have heart problems.

    b. They eat their hearts.

    c. They look for eggs.

    d. They give presents and cards.

    5. According to the article, where do we get the idea of courtly love?

    a. It dates back to the Victorian Era.

    b. It dates back to the Middle Ages.

    c. This idea has always existed.

    d. We get it from the Greeting Card Association.

    6. The article specifically mentions three kinds of love. What are these three?

    a. romantic love, courtly love, and friendly love

    b. romantic love, family love, and courtly love

    c. family love, friendly love, and romantic love

    d. none of the above.

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  • ¿ayuda con ingles ( el cero condicional )?

    Choose the best answer from the options below to complete the sentences.

    Chocolate (1) __________ when you heat it.

    She hardly ever drinks alcohol so (2) __________ just one glass of wine, she gets drunk.

    (3)__________ coffee, I always (4) __________ a cup.

    She's a really good friend, (5)__________ a problem, I (6)__________to her and she helps me solve it.

    If (7) __________ rainy and sunny at the same time, you sometimes (8) __________ a rainbow.


    (1) melting / melts / melt

    (2) if she drink / if she drank / if she drinks

    (3) When I smells / When I smell / When smell

    (4) wanting / want / wants

    (5) if I have / if I will have / if I had

    (6) talk / will talk / have talked

    (7) it / is / it's

    (8) see / saw / seen

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  • ¿ayuda con ingles ( el cero condicional )?

    Match the beginnings of the sentences to the correct endings.


    If you mix black and white,


    If you don't water flowers,


    When you heat ice,


    If you freeze water,


    When you tickle her,


    If you mix flour and water,


    When the teacher gives us homework,


    If you pour oil on water,


    it floats.


    it turns to ice.


    you get dough.


    it melts.


    they die.


    she laughs.


    you get grey.


    she always does it.

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  • ¿que es un tiro de castigo en microfutbol?

    que es un tiro de castigo y cuando ocurre?

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  • ¿canciones de reggae de los 90s en ingles?

    las mejores en los 90s pero en ingles

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  • ¿que medidas tenían los galeones españoles antiguos?

    cuales eran las dimensionesde los galeones antiguos

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  • ¿desventajas del modelo atómico de bohr?

    cuales fueron las desventajas de este Modelo

    en que se equivoco

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  • ¿ventajas y desventajas del modelo atómico de demócrito?

    cuales son las ventajas y desventajas del modelo atómico de demócrito

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    cuales son las ventajas y desventajas del modelo atómico de sommerfeld

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