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  • What is the relationship between Columbus and the BLM?

    Christopher Columbus statues have been vandalized across the U.S. and beyond.

    Did Columbus bring African slaves to the Caribbean or what's now the U.S.? I'm asking this because I thought he was just an explorer and navigator. Was he also a slave owner?

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  • What is a culture? Aren't all cultures mixed?

    Some people are against cultural exchange because it "bastardizes" or "depersonalizes" their native culture, yet all cultures have "foreign" (if we can call them so) elements in them.

    For example, the average English, German or French person eats oranges, maize, chocolate, tea and potatoes. None of these foods are native to Europe. They also use the Latin alphabet to write and Arabic numerals to count.

    Needless to say is that the lifestyle of someone born in the XX or XXI century is very different from that of a medieval peasant, so the culture has evolved a lot in this sense too.

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  • What is a language that's missing on Yahoo Answers?

    Yahoo Answers is only available in a dozen of languages.

    Is there any language you wish it appeared in the list in particular? (because you're already fluent in it, you want to chat with native speakers...).

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  • Is there such thing as a Mediterranean or a Nordic culture?

    Some people told me that Meds (=warm, sociable, laid-back, talkative) are all alike and different from Nordics (=cold, lonely, disciplined, quiet).

    Is this true or just a stereotype?

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  • Why do some people buy so much toilet paper ultimately?

    I've noticed that people now are buying like x5 times more toilet paper than usual. Do they think it protects you against COVID-19?

    Is there any psychological reason to explain this  behavior (are they perhaps frightened or paranoid)?

    Hint: only 5% of the infected report vomiting and/or diarrhoea as symptoms.

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  • How can one create a really different language?

    There are lots of similarities between ALL human languages (they all have verbs, nouns, direct/indirect object, similar word order...). In fact, one can say they're much more similar than different.

    If you wanted to create a completely different language, one that had little resemblance to any actual language spoken by humans but was equally effective at communicating, how would you do it?

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  • Is the South African diet similar to the Mediterranean one?

    I'm asking this question because the climate is similar between the two regions. Do they also drink wine and use olive oil as cooking oil (among other things) in South Africa? Is there a South African diet?

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  • Had Espera Oscar DeCorti the right to call himself Native American?

    This actor (better known as Iron Eyes Cody) was of Sicilian descent and had no Native American ancestors yet he claimed to be an Indian. 

    How do actual Natives view him? Was he a real Native? Was he Italian/Sicilian? Both? Neither?

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  • Should endangered cultures be treated like endangered species?

    I asked a question a few months ago where I said that some cultures are endangered and suggested they might be dealt with as if they were an endangered species.

    This basically means mainstream society shouldn't interfere much with them, and foreigners shouldn't move to their lands so the natives could preserve their culture. 

    Do you think this is racist? Do you know any other way to save cultures threatened with extinction?


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  • Is it possible to not have gender identity?

    I'm biologically female but I rarely feel feminine. I don't feel masculine, either, but in certain situations I feel closer to men than to women.

    For example, I don't feel the need to dress up, wear make up or jewellery, or go to the hairdresser's. At the same time, I don't like it when a guy tries to "protect" me or treats me in a special way because I'm female.

    For these reasons I think I don't have a gender identity (I'm neither male nor female). Is that possible? Has it ever happened to you?

  • What are some strategies used by the colonizers when they colonize a land?

    I know the example of Latinos and Indigenous Americans, where Spaniards told them they were inferior to whites.

    They basically were told that their cultures were less advanced than those of Spaniards and other Europeans. The Portuguese, French and English did similar things to the Indigenous Americans.

    Do you know exactly what's usually told to the locals to convince them they're worthless and should give up their ways and adopt those of the dominant culture?

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  • Why do some people insist on the fact that the Taino don't exist?

    I've read the opinions of several people here on Y/A that claim that Tainos don't exist.

    While it's true that the tribe became extinct shortly after the Spaniards set foot on the island >500 years ago, there are many Puerto Ricans alive that are descended from them.

    The thing is that some of these Puerto Ricans identify as Taino. While that's perhaps a bit inaccurate, I'm not going to argue with them because that's none of my business.

    Therefore, I don't understand why do some people get so offended if these Puerto Ricans claim to be Taino when they themselves have zero links with that tribe or Puerto Rico. It's their heritage after all so they should be left alone IMHO.

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  • Why do people talk about whites and non-whites as if these groups were uniform?

    Do you realize that there are hundreds of different white cultures and that white people have little things in common (if any)? There are >700 million people of European descent that speak different languages, have their own culture and look unique. Some are even racist to other whites.

    Why do some people talk about them as if they were all the same? They aren't. Same with blacks and Asians.

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  • Am I trans if I sometimes identify as male on the Internet?

    I've got no problems related to my sexual identity (I'm female), however, when I registrate for the first time to participate in an Internet forum I prefer to identify as male.

    I do this because sometimes females get harassed on the Internet, and male is a more neutral (and therefore safe) gender. I also get the impression that other users automatically assume I'll exhibit certain personality traits due to being female and I don't like this either.

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  • Why is that some people that look white claim to have experienced racism by whites?

    There's this mestizo girl that looks more white than me (she's predominantly of European descent and only has some Native American ancestors she knows little about) but is constantly saying she experienced "racial profiling" and racism due to her looks numerous times.

    She said she "doesn't fit into any race" and that because of that she has experienced several problems (school bullying, getting a job, starting a relationship with a white man...).

    Surprisingly, the group doing the discriminating are always whites, never Native Americans or blacks. She complaints about racism yet surprisingly she's the first to believe that humans come in races, and that people behave in a certain way because of their race.

    What do you think about these individuals? I've never experienced any of this in spite of being darker than her. That's why I can't help but think that people like her are the most racist ones and like to blame all their problems and frustrations to others.

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  • If racism is bad, then why is it acceptable to use IQ to discriminate people? ?

    I have witnessed it at the office (and have been the target myself) of discrimination based on IQ.

    Two of my former colleagues were forced to work extra hours and follow strict schedules while their bosses constantly compared them to other workmates whom they glorified and spoiled because these presumably had higher IQs.Not only that, but they were often insulted, yelled and threatened in front of other people. The two of them were unjustifingly fired in a matter of months. A similar situation happened to me.Now, the questions I have are: is that relatively common? If yes, then why is that acceptable? Why are people so willing to defend others against sexist and racist attitudes, yet accept this as normal and do nothing?

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  • Why is there so much hatred between different cultures in the world?

    In many cases these haters belong to relatively close cultures and/or neighboring countries like the U.S. and Canada, or the U.S. and Mexico.

    In virtually all nations there's a significant part of the population that feels aversion towards their neighbours (or that's my impression).

    There are many examples of this in Europe and in Latin America as well (and I presume that's also the case in Asia and Africa) so I wonder why is that.

    Why would some individuals hate somebody just because they speak a different language, have slightly different manners or are slightly darker/lighter on average?

    Is it because they've never visited another country or met any person of a different ethnic group? Is it a defect of the human mind?

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  • Why do people have the need to "score" cultures?

    Like: "The number of Nobel laureates of German origin is far higher than that of Italians".

    Or: "An unproportionate amount of inventions have been made by people of that ethnicity".

    Or: "In which ways did members of this ethnicity contribute to the world?" (sarcastic)

    Or: "Can you name a few inventions made by people of that ethnicity?" (sarcastic)

    Or: "Didn't you know that English is the language of science?"

    Or: "Spanish is now the second most spoken language in the world (above English and 6,000 others).

    Don't you realize how stupid, xenophobic and degrading this sounds?

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  • What are some things you find weird about human anatomy?

    In my case it's hair. Why would our hair on our heads grow so much in comparison with hair in the rest of the body? 

    Can you imagine what would be to have such long hair all over our bodies? We wouldn't be able to walk!

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