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  • Does this sound like an std?

    I haven t had sex for three months and that last time i used a condom. Two months after that these weird black scabs started showing on my scrotum and a weird wart below my abdomen. I went to see a doctor right away and he said it wasn t an std and gave me medicine and ointment to use on the scabs. Within the first few days the scabs went away. This week the scabs started showing again and i started noticing these moles on my penis and other random places started to show. I went to the doctor again and he said it wasn t an std. Today i shaved my genital area and i cut myself twice and i also noticed this small bump and i squiched it and it wasn t painful but a bit of blood came out. Does this sound like an std? I m worried as hell. I haven t experienced pain nor anything else of what s written above

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  • Weird scabs showed on my scrotum?

    Last night i was taking a shower and i found small scabs on my scrotum, i scratched them and they fell off. Today i found one next to my leg and i scratched it and fell off. After a few hours i checked again and it was covered with white puss. Last time i had sex was two months ago and it was with protection, i don t feel itching nor burning and i haven t seen any warts. I don t feel sick at all. Are those scabs normal or are they sign of a std?

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  • Will i be a le to reach a six pack abs? And if so until when?

    I go to the gym on average 4 days out of the week. And i've been going for 8 months but i haven't been taking care of what i eat but for now three weeks in and i've went from 187 lbs to 176 lbs and after each workout i run 2 miles and i do 20 minutes of abdominal workouts and the two abs from the top have started to show and my stomach is starting to get harder. The only part of my stomach which is stil fat are my love handles. How long will it be until i get a legit six pack? Do i keep doing my same routine or what do you suggest i add onto it?

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  • ¿Porque me duele el brazo?

    Voy constantemente al gym en promedio de 4 dias por semana y esta semana fui con unos amigos que ellos estan mas fuertes que yo y de brazo hacen casi todas las barritas en las maquinas especificadas para el bicep y yo las hize tambien; despues de eso senti un dolor como si mi musculo quisiera estallar. Me duele en un lado enmedio de del bicep y tricep. Que me paso? Dias despues me para de doler y vuelvo a hacer brazo y me vuelve a doler.

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  • ¿Esta mujer es buena para mi o que creen que sea su problema?

    Conoci a una chava por agosto y empezamos a salir y luego a ser novios. Todo iba bien hasta que empezaron los problemas. No soy el chavo mas guapo ni el mas popular pero como todos, tengo amigas y con las que hablaba normalmente le molestaban a mi novia y se que eso es normal pero poco a poco fue empeorando. Comenzo con pedirme mi contraseña de facebook y fue subiendo. En 4 meses de ser novios me corto por lo minimo 8 veces y por cosas que daban risa. La primera fue porque le dijeron chismes de mi que logicamente eran mentira, porque no le contestaba los mensajes rapido, porque no le contestaba sus publicaciones en mi muro, porque tuvo un problema con su ex y cuando me lo explico y le conteste de una manera corta y muchas razones asi sin sentido. Cuando pasaba asi horas despues venia y se disculpaba conmigo y queria regresar y semanas despues pasaba lo mismo. Paso un problema con sus padres y ahora tengo el saque; puedo escojer si darle una oportunidad o empezar de nuevo solo. Usds que creen que deveria de hacer?

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  • ¿Creen que la deveria de dejar o que sujieren que haga?

    Tuve una novia que la tuve que cortar por razones del trabajo y razones propias. Ella es el tipo de mujer que si no le contestas un mensaje o si no le contestas rapido se enoja mucho y como no tengo celular y empeze a trabajar de noche le adverti como estava mi situacion. Con los dias lo empezo a tomar mal y por nuestro bien la corte. Hace unos dias ella tuvo unos problemas con sus papas y ella cree que es algo mi culpa. Llendo al grano, su padre le quito la memoria de su celular porque el celular la absorbia, desde que se levantaba hasta que se dormia estaba en el celular y no ayudaba en la casa para nada y en lo que le quito la memoria su papa, ella lo tomo muy mal y empezo a usar malas palabras muy fuertes hacia el. Los dos se hagarraron diciendose malas palabras y mi ex novia lo llevo al punto de que su papa la corrio de la casa y todo por una memoria de celular. Ese dia me hablo mi ex novia para contarme su situacion y le respondi con lo tipico de

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  • ¿Si te enamorastes muy fuerte de una mujer...ya no podras enamorarte de otra?

    Tuve una relacion que duro un año y 6 meses con mi ex hace 6 meses y ya la supere pero ahora mi unico miedo es ya no poder querer a nadie igual como con ella?! Con ella cualquier cosa se me hacia bonito si era platicar por mensajes, jugar apps juntos y etc hasta que llegara el dia que nos veiamos y ahora con otras mujeres no me he podido sentir igual? Ya llege al punto que ya no extraño ni quiero de vuelta a mi ex pero mi unico miedo es no poder querer a otra chava igual

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  • ¿Grano en el pene despues de relacion sexual con proteccion?

    He tenido relaciones sexuales con la misma mujer por mas de el año y me salio un grano en el cuerpo del pene (la parte cilindrica larga) hace mucho y con el tiempo se me quito sola. Hoy estuve de nuevo con esta mujer y me volvio a salir. El grano es como los que salen en la espalda y los tocas y te duelen. He tenido problemas con la policia y he dado pruebas de orina y de saliva y no me han mensionado ningun problema de normal ese grano?

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  • What are signs that a girl likes you?

    I'm asking about clear and obvious signs! Like if she plays too much with her hair, blushes and when she is too nervious around you etc stuff like that

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  • Am i overweight?

    I'm 5'11 and i weight 183 lbs. my body fat percentage stands between 20 and 25%

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  • Is this possible about falling in love?

    Is it possible that you once fell in love with one person so strong that after your break up with that person you won't be able to fall in love with someone else???

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  • Is my mom being hypocrite? Should i move out?

    Ok so my mom has been in a really bitchy mood towards me since my father cheated on her. She told me to kick him out of the house for her(my dad lives in a separate house in mexico and mom can't go because of her imigration status) and i could kick him out because well he is my dad and he might be the worst person on earth but he will still be my dad and i will still care for him and i told my mom i would support her emotionally but she wanted for me to kick him out by force and i just couldn't and i was between the wall and a sword with that situation. Since then she has been really sarcastical and really uneasy just towards me. Two weeks ago we were supposed to go to the pool where my dad and our aunts and uncles would take us there and my mom didn't let us go because of what my dad did and we went anyway and when we arrived home she took our stuff she bought for us and kicked me out of the house twice. Since that she has been really quiet just towards me and today she sent me to some errands and i just made a couple of jokes about the errand she sent me to and she got super pissed towards me and called me a snitch and other stuff.. Even though i've been good to her emotionally and i've obeyed her she starts talking sh*t to me and telling me she wont sign an approval for an operation i need?! This is just a few examples! What should i do? What is her deal? Should i move out? The only thing holding me here is my brother and sisters but just that

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  • Can this or cant it be possible and create an infinite paradox?

    Lets say im worried about who im going to marry and i travel in time and see in the future who im going to marry and when i go back to my own time i flirt and do romantic things with the younger version of my suposed wife in order for her to fall in love with me and in the end we get married. But she only fell in love with me because i made the effort because i saw it in the future of how she was my wife but because i made the effort for her to marry me cuz i saw it in the future but because i made the effort i saw in the future...this keeps on repeating over and over infinitely but how does it break or how can someone put it in simple words an infinite paradox? Lets use for example the legend of zelda in the ocarina of older Link learned a song from a guy in a windmill that caused wind and the man who taught the song to link said that some kid showed him the song but then you go back in time and you are the kid who taught him the song! So where did that song come from? In other words an infinite paradox...

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  • Which girl should i choose? :/?

    There are three girls who are potential material for a relationship and i dont know which one is the best for me :/ as eachone is special in their own way, each one has their own flaws... The first girl well i really like her personality and how she treats me but the only bad thing is that she is three years younger than me... I have a sister that is her age and i really feel ackward. The other girl i found her super cute and she is also really funny and she feels the same way for me but the only bad thing is that is really hard to get a hold on her and she is that type of person who you just have to work hard to talk through text messages. The last girl well she is cute and sweet and she feels the same way for me. We havent seen eachother enough to have differences but the only bad thing is that she came out from a really long relationship and everyone knows that when you come out of a relationship, any other after it you wont make the effort as the one you were before. Which one should i choose!

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  • Does the bible has ever mentioned life out of earth?

    Im talking about aliens.. And has religion ever mentioned them? Because well god is the creator of all living things in the universe and well aliens are part of the universe...

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  • What is an ideal over average good date idea?

    What is better than taking a girl to the movies, dinning out, and to the carnival? (Note: money is not a concern)

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  • What does it feel like to get shot?

    In the movies they make it seem like its a mosquito bite but how does it actually feel like?

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  • I simply don't understand women :( why do i get dumped???!!!?

    The last two relationships and a possible start for another relationship ended on a bad note that was out of my hands and i don't know what i'm doing wrong!!! One ex gf i had was the girl that until now i've loved the most but it ended really bad....i never cheated on her and she did on me out of a stupid reason...because he was more independent :( im like wtf of course he is more independent...he is 7 years older than you! He doesnt have a career and lives with other people in order for him to be able to pay the rent and dated a stripper and she dumped me for him! This other girl we've been talking for almost two years and after some time we gave it a go and everything went fine until her ex washed her thoughts and made her broke up with me :( and when she is dating her ex, she still talks to me as if we dated and the last girl said no to me because she is still in love with her ex that cheated on her multiple times and has a baby with another girl, doesnt work and does drugs?! Wtf am i doing wrong!!!???? I just go to the gym, work, do sports, and go to school i think im clearly missing something....

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  • This girl dumped me. Was she worth it or should i move on from this?

    We were talking for over half a year and we tried to see eachother several times but nothing happened because she always had something to do at the last minute and it made me get pissed. The other day i just said to her..."what should i say to the girl that i have a crush on?" And she said "tell her that you like her" then i replied "i like you" but things didnt turned out like i wanted to... She said she is still in love with her ex and i understand her because they both dated for over 4 years but i think in all honesty that he is a bum... He didnt finish school, he has a baby with another girl and does drugs? And this girl is still in love with him?! There is something in this dating thing i might be getting wrong then....

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