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  • German shepherd behavior problems.?

    I have a 17 year old daughter and we have a family German shepherd. The problem is, she is not a family dog anymore. We got her for my daughter originally and now I am worried that she is becoming a problem. We have talked to many trainers who want to use a shock collar method, but I do not believe in those. I will not use one on my dog, if I will not use one on my own kids. Samantha, our German shepherd, has been acting different. She has always been attached to my oldest daughter who is 16 and now I feel like it is becoming a problem. First, when it is time for bed, Samantha will go to my daughter room and lay on the floor by the door and she will not let any of the other animals in the house get close. When my daughter has friends over, the dog will not let her friends play rough with my daughter or will not let them in the room at night time. She has chased the cats and the three chihauhuas that also live here out of her room. When my daughter is sitting on the couch, she growls and any other animals that come around and when my daughter takes a shower or goes to the bathroom, Sam will sit a the bathroom door and wine and growl if the dogs or cats come near the door too. She gets in the middle of me and my daughter when we hug and she jumps on everyone but my daughter. She will mouth everyone but my daughter. When my Daughter is out of the house, She is a completely different dog. She will let anyone in the room and will let the dogs and cats roam freely, but the minute my daughter comes home, Samantha is back to the same. She has never snapped at my daughter and when they play, my daughter is in complete control. That dog will drop anything on a dime for her and knows over 21 commands. But will not do many tricks for us. The worst time is bed time though.Samantha will sleep on the floor as she is not aloud to sleep in the bed, she sleeps right besides my daughter beds on the side where my daughter sleeps and will fall asleep staring at the door. She doesnt bark much but she does bark and her hair stands up when someone new comes around my daughter or any of us. But mostly around my daughter. My german shepherd is a German and eastern bloodline. The most beautiful dog ever but know one can really see her beauty when my daughter is around. My daughter has solcalized her she is always around people and the dogs all go to a doggy playground and she has been in training before. I dont know if this is a serious problem or if this is just her attitude. She was always a little wary and aloof. Very aloof at nine weeks, but she is still very loving to us. Loves to play, but very possessive of my daughter. Please help me. and No judgement. I am really trying here. I have called in trainers but they didnt work out. They all have harsh treatments and I have not found one that wants to use positive training methods. Some even told to put her to sleep and I WILL NOT DO THAT! I dont care how it is, she is still a good dog. Hasnt growled at us. I know she can be helped, I am just looking for the right person. But in the mean time, I could use some help to understand why she is like this and what she is doing and how dangerous is this really?

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  • financial aid split award in half?

    This is lengthy, but please stick with it, as I need answers right away or risk not being able to pay for college because of a confusing loan application that I may have submitted wrong, causing me to have access to only half the funds, but paying for the whole amount.

    This, Spring 2011, is my first college semester. I'm taking my pre-reqs at a 2-year college, so fortunately it's very affordable. However, after my parents determined what they would help with, I determined that I still needed to take out a small loan. I logged in to my college's website, and entered the amount I needed to borrow for this semester. I clicked the 'accept' button, my award summary popped up, and now I'm freaking out. It split my loan in half between the fall and spring semesters. Instead of giving me $704 for this semester, it gave me $352 for each semester. Now not only am I going to have to pay loans on a semester that I never attended and that has already passed, but I have a deficit for this semester and no way to make up the money by the deadline (I've been looking for a job since August with no success and all the available work-study options available right now require an auto mechanic major, and I'm pre-nursing).

    Please tell me that I have access to those fall 2010 funds. Otherwise, the way the government sets up the site is impractical and not helpful. Apparently, I'm borrowing half the amount I need, but if I borrowed the full amount I need for this semester, I'd have to double it and borrow a total of $1408?

    Sorry this was so long. In short, do I have access to the fall 2010 funds, and if not, why does the government set it up this way, borrowing for the whole year when you only need one semester and first semester already passed?

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  • Brazilian Marriage proposal?

    This might sound silly but I was wondering how brazilian do proposals. My boyfriend is brazilian and we have talked about marriage but I want to know if they do the whole ring one knee thing. HElp!

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  • how can you tell the difference between a student instrument and a professional instrument?

    like the question askes, what I mean is without knowing prices or the instument being advertised as student or professional. Just by say.... comparing one violin to another one.

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  • 12 House = "Hidden Enemies"?

    The 12 house is the house of hidden enemies. First, what would be considered a hidden enemy? Does it represent an actual person or persons as our enemies, or does it have to do with hidden or subconscience problems we need to face? Second, how does the 12 house ruler and any planets in the 12 house show what kind of hidden enemies we have? I know the 12 house represents other things as well, but I'm asking in regards to the hidden enemies part.

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  • How much time should I spend reading a book?

    If I want to improve English and English Literature, how much time should I spend on reading a book normally? I would prefer an answer with a range of number of pages of the book and the time spent but BE FLEXIBLE!

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  • GTA 4 on xbox 360, how do you climb ladders?

    I'm button mashing in front of this ladder and I can't figure out how to climb it. What button climbs ladders?

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