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  • How do I remove sunburn and avoid it?

    I walk in the sun every day to go to school and my face has been suffering, I tried using caps and sunscreen but I sometimes forget and the center of my face looks so dry and red.

    1 respuestaSkin Conditionshace 5 años
  • My ribs stick out too much, what can I do (guy)?

    I just saw a video where I appeared shirtless walking in front of the camera for some reason and I saw my full side view, the only problem are my ribs that are very big and make my front not flat. I am skinny though but my ribs are big wether I have weight or not.

    2 respuestasDiet & Fitnesshace 5 años
  • Why do my eyes glow in pictures with flash?

    Not red eyes! They glow yellow, like a cat in the dark, this doesn't happen to the rest of my friends.

    1 respuestaOther - General Health Carehace 5 años
  • Sores on my throat, getting worried?

    I had a cold four days ago and the coughs don't go away, I took a picture of my tongue with flash and it looks disgusting, don't know if it's normal. In the middle it has like these two red craters and the rest is covered in a spongy yellowish white things. I'm also extremely thirsty and my nose is a little runny.

    3 respuestasInfectious Diseaseshace 5 años
  • What do you do when you've been friendzoned but she keeps on sending you messages?

    I don't want to talk to her anymore, not interested in being her friend.

    4 respuestasSingles & Datinghace 5 años
  • Why did my Wav file get sent as a JPG?

    I'm sorry but I'm getting mad right now, I've been trying to send a Wav audio file on Facebook, the first time it disappeared when uploading and the second time it got sent, when I opened it said it was a JPG, tried opening it with Windows Media Player and it didn't work. How is this even possible? Is Facebook synesthetic?

    1 respuestaFacebookhace 5 años
  • If you were to have sex and saw your partner had self-induced scars, what would you think or do?

    I made a big mistake two years ago when I was 17, I used to cut my arms a lot and then moved to my upper thighs because they wouldn't fade away. Now my thighs are full of pink scars and I'm worried that if I were to have sex, the girl would get scared or turned off...

    2 respuestasSingles & Datinghace 5 años
  • How do I let her know I like her and don't want to be her friend?

    I'm really shy and I've been talking to a girl on Facebook but I think she just thinks I'm trying to start a friendship... I don't want to tell her directly so I was thinking of liking one of her old pictures, I know it might sound stupid but I don't know what to do.

    1 respuestaSingles & Datinghace 5 años
  • Kissed me out of pity, feeling wrecked inside?

    I went out with one of my friends and told her I had liked her for four years and somehow, the conversation went into me talking about how I've never kissed or held hands and I was almost 19 at that point, she held my hand and then asked me if she could kiss me and we did, for almost a minute. The next date I asked her for another one and she said that she didn't want me to fall in love (already was anyway) and told me the ''next date'' we'll kiss... Two months later we went out again (last sunday) and I reminded her about her promise but she just wrecked me in the nicest way possible. She basically told me she only kissed me because I had never done it and didn't want me to involve any more romantic feelings with her, said she didn't want our great friendship to end (should've told me I'm just not attractive to her) I'm not the type of guy she's looking for anymore and that she didn't want to kiss or date anymore guys for now, we just stood there in silence for half an hour.

    Now what? :(, I've been feeling really down sine she's the only girl I've ever loved and it turns out she doesn't like me (she confessed she did 2 years ago)

    2 respuestasSingles & Datinghace 5 años
  • If all self-cutters are seeking attention, how do you explain thigh-cutters?

    I do believe people who cut their arms and show it to everyone are attention whores because they are cutting on the only visible spot beside your face when you wear clothes. But what about people who cut their upper thighs and people never know about it?

    3 respuestasMental Healthhace 5 años
  • ¿Le doy la carta de amor? Me da verguenza lo que escribí?

    Hace como tres meses le dije a una chica que le había hecho un gran regalo, era una carta muy grande de cinco lados y me tardé toda la tarde y la noche haciéndola pero no le dije qué era. Le dije que se la iba a dar cuando regresara de su ciudad pero ahora que la leo hasta me da risa y muchísima verguenza lo que escribí, es muy cursi (no le gustan esas cosas) y dice cosas que ya no tienen mucha relevancia. Mañana la voy a ver y no sé qué decirle :c, tal vez hasta me hizo un regalo a mi y si yo no se lo doy me voy a ver como un total imbécil.

    3 respuestasSolteros - Citashace 5 años
  • My best friend wants to talk to me all day and it's getting annoying?

    I'm a guy and I've been friends with this other dude since we started high school, we became best friends but ever since he broke up with his 3 year old girlfriend he wants to talk all day, every day. At first I didn't mind but it's we were a damn couple now, I get messages like ''did u wake up early today?'', ''wake up'' and yes, I find it annoying when I get a message like that from my friend and not from the girl I like, last time he sent me one (after a day of not talking) that said ''it felt weird not to talk to you yesterday'' I want to keep being best buds with him but this even makes me kind of mad.

    2 respuestasFriendshace 5 años
  • I have a really retracted jawline, will I need a surgery?

    This ruins the appearance of my whole face, it literally makes me look like a 13 year old boy (I'm19) and I know it won't grow anymore, when I pull my jaw to the front people say I even look like an actor but I can't keep it this way. My dentist tried putting two rubber band things on each side for about a year but it didn't help at all, my teeth aren't even correctly aligned because of this (top and bottom)...

    2 respuestasDentalhace 5 años
  • ¿Si te habla después de romper con su novio y te dice me siento sóla?

    Yo tenía una amiga con la que estaba quedando hace como un año pero no se pudo, entonces recibí un mensaje de ella hace 4 días (después de un año... No me habló ni una vez cuando tenía relación) que decía que estaba muy triste porque terminó con su novio y que se sentía sóla, hablé con ella dos días y ya no me contestó, me di cuenta que había vuelto con su novio por Facebook (no duraron ni tres días en volver) -.-

    ¿Esto qué significa?

    3 respuestasSolteros - Citashace 5 años
  • What can I study if I love reading about psychology but hate treating people?

    I spend hours every day reading about mental illnesses, my friends usually come to me when they need to know why they are behaving the way the are. They always ask why I'm not studying psychology but the truth is that I hate dealing with people, specially with people I don't know, I don't really care if they get better, I know it sounds cruel but that would be a huge problem in the work field. Psychologists usually insist and try to help a mentally ill people and I just like the diagnosing part, I'm a really introverted person.

    1 respuestaPsychologyhace 5 años
  • This girl only talks to me after 12 p.m, does she like me?

    Been talking for one over a week straight, we never initiate any conversation, we just continue where we started off. She usually responds at 8 PM (when she gets home from school) but she connects and disconnects a lot and responds every time she's on, but after 12PM we talk nonstop until 2 or 3 am without any pauses and it looks like I'm the only one she talks to at night because she reads the messages quick, it always ends with her falling asleep in the middle of the conversation and then she sends responds the next morning when she wakes up.

    She doesn't drink or party, she just has trouble sleeping like I do...

    1 respuestaSingles & Datinghace 5 años
  • Will my cat come back? It's been 2 nights since she left?

    I have this female cat called ''Mittens'', she's very small and black and white and my mom insists on letting her out to go dump even though we have a litter box... She usually comes back the next morning and meows on the door but this time it's been 2 nights and I'm really worried because she once got stuck on an abandoned house's balcony.

    I'm more worried that she has been killed because people do that a lot where I live, these stupid thugs think it's funny to go around killing animals and people poison them if they ask for food.

    2 respuestasCatshace 5 años
  • This girl said something that grossed me out, can't stop thinkin about it?

    I've been talking to this girl and I started to like her and I think she likes me too, she stays up until 3 am just talking with me and falls asleep every time, anyway, she wants to be a dentist so my guess is that this does not disgust her but she said something barf-inducing for me. We were talking about pimples and she said she removed them by putting dry-morning saliva on them and letting them dry...

    Maybe I'm exagerating but that was really gross to read, morning-saliva tends to stink.

    2 respuestasSingles & Datinghace 5 años
  • Can a white person have jet black hair?

    My friend and I are having this discussion, basically, he has brown skin but claims to have brown hair because it looks like that under the sun (it literally looks black in normal light) and says my hair is just plain black... I am pale skinned and I find that really dumb for him to say that.

    I m not racist and don t care about hair color at all, I m happy with my black hair and would never dye it, but I want to end this discussion

    2 respuestasHairhace 5 años