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Sweeney Todd

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Its always hard for me to sum up myself, so I will just say a few random things I am 15 years old, I live in CO, I have 2 girl puppies / dogs, I am looking to buy a motorcycle and get a license / permit for it. I love movies, My favorites are Sweeney Todd, The Producers, and Titanic. My favorite band is MCR. I live in Colorado (best staate EVER!) I have always lived in CO, and always in the smae house. I love it here! My heritage is VERY Italian, and the next biggest thing is German. I have a sister, and sghe inherited all the German looks, and I attained all the Italian features (oodly though, we look alot alike......) I could never even attenpt to explain a fraction of myself in just this "About Me" thing. Those are just things most people talk about, so I did too.