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  • ¿Hay alguna página que tenga está descripción del zodiaco? ?

    Hola a todos.

    Me gustaría saber si alguien sabe de una página (Ya sea español, inglés o cualquier otro idioma) que mencione, describa o caracteriza el físico del hombre ideal/perfecto/de tus sueños según tu signo del zodico.

    Por ejemplo: A las mujeres del signo Libra el hombre de sus sueños es alto, de cabello castaño, ojos verdes, etc. 

    Buenos Deseos. Y que les vaya bien. 

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  • What is "vanilla sex" (soft and gentle) and "hardly sex" (strong and rough) exactly?

    Hello everybody

    I would like someone to explain to me that it is vanilla sex or known as soft and tender and hardly sex known as strong and rough exactly.

    Although I do know what both cases mean. But I would like to know what actions, gestures and signs make me identify them. I mean, for example, what does one do when has vanilla sex or when has hardly sex? And also, I would like examples of physical novels or Wattpad. I love reading a lot, and for sure if I read a scene of vanilla sex or hardly sex, I can understand it better.

    Sorry if I ask this question, I do not know much about sex. And I always had a confusion about vanilla sex and hardly sex. For example, wearing clothes while someone has sex is hardly sex. I ignore the subject, and I'm a bit afraid to speak it, even with my own family. But when I told my sister about this, she told me that wearing clothes in sexual acts has nothing to do with hardly sex. She explained to me that it has to do with penetration. But if usually to reach orgasm one accelerates the movements, then it would be soft or strong sex? And now I'm more confused.

    Therefore, I would like someone to answer my questions, please.

    I say goodbye and I give you good wishes.

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  • What games that have a harem system?

    Hi all. I would like to know about games where there are harem system, concubines, consorts, beauties or lovers like Game of Sultans or Be The King.

    I await your recommendations.

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