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  • Which film camera brand produced the most dependable and durable products?

    Well, I already know that most of you will tell me that this depends strictly on good maintenance program (CLA), just having been used but not abused, etc. But I suspect that after years of experience with different camera brands (Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Minolta...) you have your personal favorites based on the good and long service that your gear has given to you, right?

    Is Nikon really ahead of the rest? And what about Canon? And Pentax, Olympus and Minolta?

    Basically I'm talking about classic SLR's ok?

    Thank you so much for any comment!

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  • Is it really bad if in a lens the ring mark doesn't coincide with our focusing?

    I'm talking about my Pentacon f1.8 50mm, from which I use to get great pics, But I've got to admit that after having focused manually the lens and when I compare my focusing with the distance marks in the ring, I see that they do not coincide. For instance, if I´ve composed my shot with a subject at 10 ft, probably the ring will say 9ft...

    So I'd like to know if this is common with old lenses or if mine is actually in need of service?

    Thank you so much for any comment or suggestion!

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  • Do all Cosina-made bodies share the same quality?

    I mean, talking about 35mm SLR's, we all have heard that all Cosina-made bodies are similar if not the same in terms of quality and features... However, from the ones I've had the chance to handle with my own hands, this is not always true... Let me put the Nikon FM-10, the Canon T60, the Olympus OM-2000, the Vivitar V3000 and the Yashica FX-3 as examples. As weird as it might sound, from all these bodies I've 'felt' the FX-3 to be the best one, followed by the T60 and the OM-2000 and perhaps the FM-10, leaving behind the V3000 for several reasons of 'weight'...

    Am I right Photo Aces? Or it has been just my ultra partial opinion!

    Thank you so much.

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  • ¿Cómo han salido los Renault Stepway y Sandero?

    Bueno pues hago la pregunta ya que en comparación con los Clío he visto muy pocos en la calle... De los Clío creo que tienen buen manejo, pero he sabido que también muchas fallas, sobretodo en lo eléctrico y las cajas automáticas, además de que se les rompen pomos de palanca y volantes... pero una persona me dijo que los Stepway y Sandero sí salen buenos.

    De preferencia personas que tengan o manejen alguno: Gracias!

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  • Which brand manufactured the most reliable 35mm SLR?

    I mean, almost everyone points that Nikon and Canon head this aspect nowadays, but what have been your experiences with SLRs from the '80, '70 and '60? Which ones were the most durable and reliable? Any brand or specific model will help me a lot!

    Thanx guys.

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  • Can you tell some Digital Cameras with a Manual Mode easy/quick to access?

    Don't get me wrong guys: I'm not talking about P & S cameras with an Auto-everything mode, on the contrary I want to know the model of some cameras with full manual options (Aperture/Speed/Iso) of 'easy access'; in other words, I'm sick of having to dive in an endless menu to set the basic aspects of exposure!

    Please don't mention DSLRs, since what I'm looking for right now is just a compact yet well featured (1.8, 2.0 lens, wide range of ISO settings and at least 5 aperture stops).

    Brands and models will be appreciated.

    Thank you all!

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  • Which full-mechanical SLRs would you recommend?

    Obviously, batteries for the light meter are acceptable, but besides that, which SLRs with a mechanical shutter and the possibility to actually change speeds from the dial -and not just a fixed stop when there is no battery-, would you recommend?

    I've been told that these ones fit the category:

    -Minolta SRTs series

    -Pentax K 1000

    -Yashica FX series

    I'm not sure about Olympus OM series, Pentax ME series, Canon AE-1 and Nikon EM....

    Suggestions for Nikons and Canons mechanical SLRs would be highly appreciated!

    Thank you all guys.

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  • Why do Americans still admire the French...?

    Why do most Americans still revere the French if they disdain most things that are related to America?

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  • Are Fuji and Kodak cameras a little underrated?

    I mean, apart from the early German-made Kodaks and all industrial products from Kodak and Fuji and looking only at their cameras, do you think they are a little underrated? Of course, they are not intended to rival the big two names... but how far are they from brands like Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and now even Samsung?

    Basically I'm thinking of their consummer long-zoom products...

    Thank you all guys!

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  • Can Nikon P7000 and Canon G12 rival an average DSLR?

    Both brands claim that these 'Compact Cameras' will do the job when you don't want to take your bulky DSLR and a its bag full of lenses...

    But what about the results? Do they support this statement?


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  • What would be the flattest SLRs lenses?

    This is the point: I'm trying to do some casual or street photography, but my 50mm lenses seem to be a little heavy and bulky, so it'd be a dream to have a flatter lens -say around 2 inches-, but I don't know if these lenses exist... Also this guy at the store told me that I should take a simple P&S for my purpose, because in his opinion everything about a SLR is against casual photography... I guess he's right to a certain point, but I'd love to find a flat, sharp and fast lens!

    Thank you all for answering from your experience.

    Hey, I was almost forgetting to say that I'm shooting film, right?

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  • What film camera would you consider the best for 'all-purposes' shooting?

    You can name a model or even type or set of characteristics, that would be your choice if you had to take 'only one' 35 mm camera for shooting in a variety of circumstances:

    -Day and night situations, including low light.

    -Mostly still subjects, never really moving ones.

    -Distances that might range from 3ft to open space.

    -Mainly shooting persons, but also animals, furniture, nature...

    -Some times a couple of minutes for composing your photo, but most of the times just point and shoot to capture what you're seeing at that moment.

    Thank you all; you'll be helping me a lot with every answer!

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  • ¿Por qué ataca el 'Tibio' Muñoz a Paola Espinosa?

    El rollo de los patrocinios me parece una locura, se dice que es por que ella ya no quiere ser su 'amiga', ¿será cierto? Ojalá alguna autoridad superior analice el caso.

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  • Could you give me the Pros and Cons of shooting Medium Format?

    After several years of shooting film and digital as well, with results that range from really poor to some decent pics, every time I feel more intrigued about the possibility of shooting medium format; and my doubts start from the very beginning, sine while some people say that medium format is the 'real' photograph world, others say that if you're not a pro, its a world complex and expensive...

    I'd love to hear what you think from your own experience!


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  • What would be the best film choice for shooting portraits?

    I remember the good old nineties when Dad used to get incredible pics with his 'modern' Zoom P&S Pentax! A nice AF, a very basic menu and that was all: Nice colors, good accuracy, sharpness... Even the best of those pics could rival the ones taken with a misused SLR...

    Now, with my kids I'm trying to keep the family tradition of shooting on Sundays, but any shot closer than 3 or 4 ft is a problem: blurry images in most cases is what I'm getting film after film...

    I'm using a basically old Minolta RFs, do you think I should try a SLR, a viewfinder? Or should I pick old Dad's camera up!

    Thank you for reading, any suggestion will help me getting better portraits!

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  • Do pocket digicams really offer manual adjustments?

    Talking about digicams from Sony, Canon, Nikon, etc. I've noticed that five years ago or so, the so called 'high end', used to offer 'manual modes', where you could change Stops, Speeds, Iso, and even some weird types of 'focusing tools', but once you got the prints or even on the screen, it was almost impossible to distinguish a perspective that could be taken as depth of field...

    So, these pocket cameras only offer a fake manual mode that badly mimic a SLR, or they really can make these adjustments?

    Thank you all guys!

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  • ¿Qué tal salieron los Fiat Palio en México?

    Sé que son brasileños y debido a los escasos distribuidores, se vendieron muy pocos... Sin embargo un vecino y un amigo tuvieron uno y coinciden en que son mucho mejores que Pointers o Chevys... Sin fanatismos de marca, si alguien me puede decir cómo le has salido, muchas gracias!

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  • The best bike for a beginner in his forties?

    Well, I'm trying to convince this fellow to start riding bike, but he's been more than reluctant saying that he would need a special bike that fits his needs: he's over 40 and not athletic at all, so his chief interest is comfort and a light bike, since he's short and thin... He tried a MTB and said that it was a monster: so bulky and heavy... then he tried a race bike and found it tall, unstable and lacking grip...

    Is there a bike for him?

    Thank you all guys!

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  • ¿Realmente es mejor el Corsa al Chevy?

    Mi duda surge de que un par de amigos me han dicho que es un auto mecánicamente muy similar, pero es mucho mejor el Chevy ya que sus refacciones y partes son más comunes y baratas... pero por otro lado también me han dicho que existen detalles, como la dirección hidráulica o la calidad de plásticos,donde el Corsa tiene ventaja sobre el Chevy...

    ¿Cuál sería su oponión respecto a ambos coches?


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