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  • sakooa guitar?

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  • Case for Guild M-20?

    Hi folks - another gear question! I really want to find decently fitting, reasonable quality (but not exorbitant expensive, preferably less than $150) for my two old M-20's. I tried Guild/Fender on the assumption that the GAD- M120 case would probably fit. They gave me a part number that turned out to be invalid, promised to find out the answer when I told them so, and then I never heard from them again. I also found some on EBay but they weren't tweed like the real ones apparently are, and the seller was unwilling to provide exact measurements.

    I also ordered a Guardian archtop OO case from Elderly with the idea of repadding the interior (the M-20 is sort of between I and OO) but the shell was so sloppily made I had to return it (and Elderly gave me a little trouble about the refund, something I never would have expected from them).

    So - does anyone have any suggestions? I don't really mind repadding, but I'm reluctant to spend too much if I have to do that, and by now I'm starting to feel a bit gun-shy.

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  • Are Snark tuners safe on nitrocellulose lacquer?

    Hi folks - this is actually the first time I've tried to post a question, and I really hope it ends up in Performing Arts as intended...

    Anyway, I'm thinking about a recreational trip to GC on this not-so-fine Sunday afternoon, and for a long time I've been debating picking up a clip-on tuner. But I'm really paranoid about the 68-year-old nitrocellulose on my OOO-18. Goodness knows that manufacturers don't always pay attention to these things, and nitro can react in a matter of seconds. Does anybody know if the rubber pads on the Snark are safe? I can always glue cork and/or felt on there, but it would be great if someone could tell me whether that's necessary. Any advice is welcome!

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