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  • Can K-Cups be used in a French Press?

    Is it possible to open a K-Cup and put the grounds in a French Press? Not sure what the grind is like in those cups--is it just like an auto-drip grind?

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  • Compaq Presario laptop is not receiving any power/is not charging...?

    My personal computer is a Compaq Presario laptop. Last night as my wife was doing some prep for work today, it stopped charging (she had it plugged into the wall) and then it quit on her altogether.

    --We tried a different outlet. No go.

    --We checked all of the connections from the wall into the power pack and then into the laptop. All good there.

    --The connection of the power INTO the laptop is VERY loose. (I’ll get back to this…)

    --Took o9ut the battery and put it back in…still nothing.

    Not sure if I’m dealing with a bad battery or the connection itself where you plug the power into the laptop…as I said, this connection is rather loose.

    I do have the laptop with me today in case I need to bring it to Geek Squad or something, but was wondering if I might get some insight before I go and start spending money.

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  • Using Dryel to "refresh" a personal tux for Friday choir performance?

    I have a tux that is a bit wrinkly and dusty from not being worn for several motnsh. Could use a refresh. Wonderinf it is best to go to the cleaners or use one of the home kits to get the job done. Thoughts?

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  • Reheating Welsh Rarebit in a crock pot?

    I'm planning to make some homemade pretzel bites and Welsh Rarebit for a potluck tomorrow. I'm wondering--can I make the Welsh Rarebit tonight and then reheat slowly in the Crock Pot tomorrow for our gig? Will it make the sauce grainy or break the sauce? I live 40 miles from work and we have no cooking facility in which to make it here so my only option is to make it at home and, somehow, reheat at work. Suggestions?

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  • Websites to buy used musical instruments (in this case, an autoharp)?

    My wife is needing to buy an autoharp for work. We have found a couple options through Craigslist, but before we go that route (which seems, by far, to be the cheapest), I wanted to exhaust our resources (also just in case the item has already sold). Are there any websites I might check for used musical instruments?

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  • Do you love your pressure cooker?

    My parents always had a pressure cooker and loved it. Well, I found one at a yard sale for $15, never used (the seller's email yesterday said it was a "Fagor 6qt. with video, new bought at SurLaTable in Omaha.") Wondering if I should spend the money to go pick it up. Is it worth having one?

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  • Using banana baby food to add banana flavor to a cake--how best to do this?

    If I wanted to add a slight banana flavor to a yellow cake (making a banana cream layer cake), and wanted to use baby food as opposed to the more fake would I do this? Is there anything else I should add and/or take away from the recipe so as to not mess with consistency?

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  • Need a cake strong enough to hold fondant (for a wedding cake)--can I adjust this one?

    I did a test run of the following cake to see how the texture and flavor was, hoping to use it for a wedding cake I am doing this weekend. Flavor is excellent, but it is very light. I'm pretty sure there's no way it will hold fondant (I'm doing a stacked 3 tier cake). Is there anything I can do/add/take away to make it strong enough to hold the fondant, or do I need a new recipe?

    Thank you for your help!

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  • How to convert this cake recipe to cupcakes...?

    I'm thinking of making the following for guests at my daughters 1st bday party (and then doing another more "kid friendly" cake for my kiddo). This is from Jamie Oliver. Wondering how to convert this to cupcakes (mostly cook time and temperature).

    a rather pleasing carrot cake with lime mascarpone icing

    dessert recipes | serves 8 - 10


    • 250g unsalted butter, softened

    • 250g light brown soft sugar

    • 5 large eggs, preferably free-range or organic, separated

    • zest and juice of 1 orange

    • 170g self-raising flour, sifted

    • 1 slightly heaped teaspoon baking powder

    • 100g ground almonds

    • 100g shelled walnuts, chopped, plus a handful for serving

    • 1 heaped teaspoon ground cinnamon

    • a pinch of ground cloves

    • a pinch of ground nutmeg

    • ½ teaspoon ground ginger

    • 250g carrots, peeled and coarsely grated

    sea salt

    for the lime mascarpone icing:

    • 100g mascarpone cheese

    • 200g full-fat cream cheese

    • 85g icing sugar, sifted

    • zest and juice of 2 limes

    Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/gas 4. Grease and line a 22cm square cake tin or a round equivalent with greaseproof paper. Beat the butter and sugar together by hand or in a food processor until pale and fluffy. Beat in the egg yolks one by one, and add the orange zest and juice. Stir in the sifted flour and baking powder, and add the ground almonds, walnuts, spices and grated carrot and mix together well.

    In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff, then gently fold them into the cake mix. Scoop the mixture into the prepared cake tin and cook in the preheated oven for about 50 minutes until golden and risen. You can check to see if the cake is cooked by poking a cocktail stick into it. Remove it after 5 seconds and it if comes out clean the cake is cooked; if slightly sticky it needs a bit longer, so put it back in the oven. Leave the cake to cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then turn it out on to a rack and leave for at least an hour.

    Mix all the icing ingredients together and spread generously over the top of the cake. Finish off with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts.

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  • How to fix (or CAN we fix) my DVD Recorder?

    I have an Insignia DVD recorder that worked for a little while, but after a few months, stopped recognizing DVDs when they were inserted. At first I thought it was just the burned DVDs, but over time, it would not recognize any discs being placed into the machine. I tried cleaning the machine without any luck. We have since replaced it with a cheapy machine that does the job, but I miss being able to save programs. Any suggestions? (The machine was bought back in 2006, and has not been used now since early 2009.)

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  • Looking to buy a new 26" TV--suggestions?

    We are looking to (FINALLY) replace our beloved trooper-of-a-TV CRT model and upgrade to the new world of flat-screens. Due to have a few Wal-Mart gift cards from Christmas to use up, we're looking to head there for our purchase so as to save a nice chunk of out-of-pocket change. I've heard good things about Vizio models--any agreements? Any suggestions or things to keep in mind?

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  • How much/what size sheet cakes for 200 banquet attendees?

    To promote my own cake decorating biz, I volunteered to do the sheet cakes for our work banquet in a couple of weeks, instead of us buying them from the local grocery store. As of now, the headcount is 170--looking at enough for 200 to be safe. I've been told it usually was done with 2 sheet cakes, and that was with 250+ attendees. Any insight?

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  • Holiday travel (mutliple plane rides) with an 8 month old--what advice do you have?

    We'll be traveling this Christmas with our 8 month old. This is a first for us, and for her. What advice do you have, from sleeping at our relatives' homes, to flying, to what to pack? Also--any advice on how the airport routine goes with a baby (I hear about "gate checking?") would be terrific. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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  • Should we take in a neighbor's 14 y.o. declawed cat who is being neglected and not tell them?

    Our neighbors have a 14 y.o. declawed cat kept outdoors (their garage is cracked for him to wander in/out) because they claim his poop stinks too much. He begs for food from us daily & hangs out in our garage. We took him in during a snowstorm a while back as he was shivering in our garage. 3 days later...... they asked if we had seen him so we sent him home. Yesterday, during the current snowstorm he begged to come in (wet and shivering). We're concerned about his safety/well being & are tempted to take in him & not say we have him, but also don't want to make enemies. not to mention, I hate to cause any sadness or grief over a lost pet, especially this time of year, when it isn't actually true. But I also know, if he goes back to them, he'll be right back out in the garage in another snowstorm. Thoughts?

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  • How does one become a culinary teacher?

    I've been doing a lot of soul searching. I know I want to get into culinary arts, somehow. I am in Wilton Cake Decorating right now. I am a writer and would love to get into food writing, but the competition is fierce. I have many cooking/kitchen skills, but no professional experience and no formal training or schooling. My BS is in English Education. No Masters.

    I'm thinking culinary teaching would be very cool--teaching at a culinary school or even a comm. college. But I know to teach something like English at the CC, you need a Masters. I've never heard of a Masters of Culinary Arts--but I could be wrong!

    So, how do I move in that direction? What steps would be needed? Would it start with a BS in Culinary Arts? What then?

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  • Tips for beginning Wilton Cake Decorating student (through Michaels)...?

    Just started the Level 1 Wilton Cake Decorating course through the local Michaels. This is my first step into the decorating arena, but I am very serious about it.

    What I am wondering is, where and how can I save money on the supplies? I am a new dad with a wife in grad school--need to save wherever we can. But this is like "me going to school," so I am very serious about going through...

    The Wilton professional kit sounds outstanding--not sure I have the $80 or so to spend on it. (That would be using the latest 40% off coupon.) Looks like I need...

    Cake leveler, lifter, doilies, turntable/stand, bag holder, flower lifter...

    Did some research online to see where I can save, but still looks cheaper in store.

    Meringue powder--necessary? Teacher (of course) says it is...any substitutions?

    Clear extracts--suggestions?

    Any tips on how to be successful but save money will be great. Thank you!

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  • Denver "Wicked" performance--"obstructed view" seats available in orchestra for CHEAP! Is it worth it?

    I've been trying to get tickets for Wicked at the Temple Buell for a while now with no success. I finally called the box office this morning and the lady told me that she could get me tickets in the orchestra section, rows 2-8, of any performance, but they are "obstructed view" seats. I talked to her a bit and she said she did that herself for RENT and they were great, but wasn't sure how they'd be for Wicked.

    Having never seen Wicked, I'm not sure if this is worth it or not. Has anyone done this for Wicked or another performance in Denver or another venue? Is it worth it?

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  • Best way to heat/reheat pasta for a potluck?

    I'm bringing some homemade mac and cheese for a potluck tomorrow here at work. I get to work at 7:30, potluck is 11:30. What is the best way to heat the dish up? All we have here at work is a microwave.

    I've done the crock pot thing before but it severely overcooked the pasta and kinda dried it out, too. Should I keep the pasta and sauce separate and then combine? What do you suggest?

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  • Jazz music a la Dave Brubeck--any suggestions?

    I'm here listening to Dave Brubeck's "Time Out" and love the overall sound of the quartet. Are there other recordings you can suggest either by Brubeck or other artists that are like this?

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  • Computer issue my dad is having--any help?

    To share pictures of my newborn daughter with my parents, I use a virtual drive I have here at work. I upload the photos, send them an invite to view them/download them, and that's it.

    Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, my dad changed their DSL from Comcast to Verizon. Right around the time they started using Verizon, he starts getting pop-up dialog boxes saying:

    The server ***drive.***.edu at ****drive.****.edu

    requires a username and password.

    User Name:


    These dialog boxes pop-up pretty much at random. At first he said they would appear any time he went to "My Documents" or went to start a program on his computer. This seems to have changed and now they populate every couple of minutes and can, literally, produce 10+ boxes on his screen, even when the system is idle.

    Thing is, to access my virtual drive here at work, I DO NOT use any type of dialog box like this--the virtual drive is its own website. I don't know what would happen if he plugged in my credentials but I am hesitant to do so not knowing what is causing this dialog box to populate.

    He has run the system through numerous virus scans--nothing. Malware checkers--nothing. He even cleared out all of the pictures I had sent to see if something was "hooked" onto a picture they downloaded from my virtual drive. No luck.

    I can't think of how whatever this is caught the virtual drive URL address of all things, but we can't think of how, or where, this is being caused and how to stop it. Is it a registry thing? Could it be a "network" that was somehow set up accidentally? (Though I can't imagine how. I know a thing or two about computers but my dad is, dare I say, fairly computer illiterate, so if this is something he caused, I am certain it was by complete accident.)

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