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I use my broadband connection from BSNL . unable to get at my usageaccount.Shd i modify my internet options?

Is it necessary for me to modify my internet options uunder internet Explorer/ My broad provider BSNL is not rsponding to my problem despite several requests.


i got four replies as of now.thanks for the same.i tried the replies but failed to solve the problem.I am already registered with bsnl under ID bsnlwebmaster has not so for replied me despite several rminders.will be grateful if any knowledgable person resolves my problem.Thanks.

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    See,BSNL is a organization however the community cable companies,its purely rubbish.See,in case you have community cable companies,you will face many problems.the internet may well be disconnected despite whilst you're working.i be attentive to it may take place in BSNL additionally,yet in community is going to take place on a daily supply you greater downloading velocity yet its modem velocity would be much is going to take plenty greater time to open one website.So my opinion,do use BSNL utilising the way,the value of downloading as you pronounced relies upon on the plan.some plans of BSNL can grant the value of over 8 Mega Bytes according to 2nd.Remeber,continually branded issues are greater issues basically look us greater useful yet they are purely the different.

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    you have to register at BSNL to get the usage account. go to bsnl home page register .

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    click and then login using your username and password. if u have problem then go to tool on the ie menu bar then click internet option then click advance and then reset all default....

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    Well, it is NECESSARY to enable your cookies.

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