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Is making money with help of a open source gpl software legal?

Basically i have a website with lots of gpl'ed code for displaying banners (paid) within domain and serving almost every thing on my website which is also related to advertising.

i want to know it its legal to have profits of code written by the community?

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    It is not illegal to use it to create an online product. However, if you distribute a software product that uses gpl software you must also put in the source code for the gpl software and a copy of the license.

    But if you are using it to create a website and show banners no it is not illegal. If it was, any site running something like PHP would be illegal.

    Now lets say you made a content management system (CMS) that took advantage of a gpl PHP calendar in it, you would have to distribute the gpl license for that calendar with your CMS program if you sold the CMS software to someone.

    Just think of the gpl license as a virus... it must be included anytime you give software to someone that uses a gpl licensed component.

    Hope that is clear enough for you. Enjoy!

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  • hace 3 años

    convinced, you may promote the game, and make funds from commercials. you ought to contain copyright credit for GNU code contained in the game, you may not patent or in the different case encumber the GNU code, and also you ought to assign all improvements and copyrights made contained in the GNU code to the loose application starting place.

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