Main theme for "Sister my sister" 1994?

Hello ! Does ANYONE know the name and singer of this song,it goes kind of like this:

Sleep my little sister sleep

Sleep through darkness sleep so deep

all the rivers find the sea

my little sister sleep for me

dream my little sister dream

dream of ___ dream your dreams

all the things you want to be

my little sister dream for me

somewhere there are meadows

somewhere there are hills

somewhere horses run and ___

hold my hand and sleep so deep

I will never leave your side

my little sister close your eyes

Thank You all,ah yes movie is about a crime in the 30's in France. Two maids who are sisters and become lovers and go crazy and murder their employers,quite good.

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    The title of the song is "Sleep My Little Sister, Sleep" from the play "My Sister in This House."

    The lyrics and music are by Wendy Kesselman, who wrote both the play and the retitled movie.

    Sorry, but I can't find any information about who sings it in the movie.

    Fuente(s): To see a Google Book Search preview of part of the play: http://tinyurl./ com/2svf2s (Copy to your browser's address bar and remove the space before "com." Looks like Y!A bans Google search results now.)
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    Fuente(s): Miracle Vocal Training
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