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Artists, what do you listen to?

When you create, what genre of music do you listen to, or other audible stimuli? Or do you work better in silence?


I lean toward classical, and sometimes 'nature sounds' which tend to have more of a lulling effect, and that was just in warm up. I suppose any music that normally moves me could be used for creative momentum. I wish to be as passionate as to let my mind be my soul impetus, but music tends to give me a kick start.

My thanks to all.

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Yep. My thoughts too, all of you. Thanks, again :)

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    Great question, so often the reality, but so seldom asked by or considered by others.

    I find that music is a background for creating, when I'm actually doing so, but certainly inspirational in the pre- creating stages, no matter the end result is a painting or prose.

    Certainly tapes/CD's offering Nature sounds work in a same sense way, and I have many. Those also might depend on my mood in the mode, and the Muse as they are used.

    Classical music is most suitable for atistic creation, given that one isn't strictly distracted by it, and as I said, can be "pushed to the background. Not exactly elevator music in effect, but similar. The context is unimportant to me, though I have favorites.

    Obvious too, as one answer said, though I may not have stated it as they did, WHATEVER makes or aids in the mood and mode. I can analogize it this way. If I was trying to craft a detailed piece of art, or a serious piece of writing, I might not want a piece of music so animated as loud hard rock to be part of the experience, BUT, for a large, abstract work, or some written venting, it could have a generous and positive effect in an animated sense.

    In the end, the notion is either subtlely latent or totally involved in the action of the artist. While I often paint, and most especially write in silence, I find something in music, selectively chosen, that accompanies me as I work. I guess it's a lot like being the STAR performer, with a back up Band or Orchestra.

    "Gimme a Head With Hair", will likely produce some very colorful explorations.

    "Fur (Pronounced FOOR) Elise", might keep me in gentle, though passionate ramblings in writing.

    Steven Wolf

    just my two "sense"

    BTW "6" has always been stimulating, albeit sometimes silent.

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  • hace 1 década

    on my playlist i have songs for the arts mood theres soft, and loud.


    Clair de Lune- Claude debussy

    Cello Suite No.5 in C minor- Bach

    Ave Maria instrumental- franz shupert

    Headlock- Imogen Heap

    Gymnopedie no.1


    Franz Ferdinand: Take me out, Do you want to, Evil and a Heathen, I'm your villan, The fallen

    RED- NaNa

    Anna Tsuchia

    Mika Nakashima

    Fuente(s): My head
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    hace 1 década

    Everything from classical to Hendrix to rock to heavy metal to hiphop... I go wherever my mood takes me. If I work in silence then I am too easily distracted by noise.

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  • hace 1 década

    Whatever the hell I want to! It doesn't matter! One day I listen to Bon Jovi, the next day it's Drum&Bass then silence....

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  • hace 1 década

    My lover paint pictures, he work in silence.

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