Christians, how can you explain the fact that many historians lived at Jesus' time, yet...?

...None took notice or recorded him? As for men such as Tacitus (Who was born 20 years after Jesus died), why were their accounts of Jesus (Actually, "Christ", which is not a name, it's a title) only limited to a sentence each?

Wouldn't such a magnificent, ground-breaking, miracle-performing prophet have gotten the attention of the 40 or so historians living near him and at the same time? Why didn't he?

And for the 5 historians who claimed Jesus was real (3 of them proven to be false already), why such short mention? Why weren't they captivated to convince more, record more, or anything else?


Sas... What?

Are you agreeing with me, or what? I can't even tell.

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Slowhand, is it necessary to try to divert attention from my question by trying to discredit me? Did I say I believe in evolution?

Nice try.

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  • Vishal
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    hace 1 década
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    I can't explain it, but at least I learned that Zeus was a Greek philosopher from the 1st century B.C.E.. I'm surprised that nobody ever taught me that in any of my ancient Greek philosophy courses. Lousy professors.

    EDIT: I think you hit the lottery with these answerers. I didn't realize that evolution was false because nobody thought about it for a long time... I guess that means that all medical advances are false too because they took so long. Too bad I wasted all that money on vaccines.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    Jesus has been a part of History ever since He was born. He may not have gotten the attention of (40) or so historians, but I can guarantee you that He has gotten the "Attention" of many, many more. After all, the Bible is the #1 seller of All time. All through the Old testament there is prophesy of Jesus Christ to be born. There is evidence that He was born, died , and resurrected from the dead.(go to Israel if you don't think so)....

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  • hace 1 década

    He was mentioned THROUGHOUT the OT

    And the OT was a Historical document

    and STILL is today

    It is plainley written

    had ALL been written of ALL that Jesus did

    there would be not enough Books to contain it ALL

    He was as HE IS Today

    The Most famous person that ever Lived

    And He WAS and IS Today

    Continually written , debated , and sought after , by Millions of millions of believers and non-believers alike

    Just as His Fame went abroad THROUGHOUT the Enter World Then

    It STILL is Today

    Dont know where you have been or what you have read

    But i would suggest YOU go back and Read it ALL again

    He was Written About Many Many ManyYears before His Birth

    and it was Prophesied of Him from the Beginning

    Cause HE Created it ALL to start with

    "" Behold in the Volume of the Book , it speaks of me"

    ""In the beginning was the WORD(JESUS), the Word was With God and the Word was God (Jesus) ""

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  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    Because Palestine was a remote and somewhat troublesome frontier territory occupied by Rome at the time. They didn't pay much attention to petty religious squabbles at the edges of the Empire's frontiers.

    If they had heard about him, they would have thought Jesus was a nobody and dismissed him as unimportant and historically insignificant.

    Many today think that way too.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    sports got most of the attention. There were the play offs at the same time as passover. scheduling snafu.

    Anywho, there were a lot of guys with followers claiming to be the messiah. So if Jesus is the true messiah it would be revealed by oh, say, 2000 years of growth! The other dudes just kind of fell by the wayside. Many got regular jobs when they realized death was on the line

    • uhoow
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      hace 6 añosDenunciar

      A few went on to star in mobile circus shows, but the daily grind and animal odors offended them. This too was not recorded. Wait....what was the question??? Love the humor. We need

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  • Kallan
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    hace 1 década

    Honestly, they just don't study history. They make the assumption that Jesus was a historical figure, and that the only thing in question is his deity. If they did any amount of study, they'd find there is no evidence whatsoever that he ever lived at all, much less died and rose again.

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  • hace 1 década

    Because there was nothing magical about him. He existed, he taught people to be good, and then accidentally led to the creation of a cult.

    He was a good HUMAN BEING who was blown out of proportion because of people like Paul. It shouldn't be Chrisitianity, it should be Paulism. Cause thats what it really is.

    (PS: Slow_Hand, the idea of evolution has been around waaaay longer than that. it was always overshadowed by Christianity though, because there was not much proof. All Darwin did was prove Evolution, turning it into a theory, which in science is, contrary to regular English use, an indisputable fact)

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  • hace 1 década

    I don't need to know much about the history of the motor car in order to enjoy the experience of driving so why should Christians bother about dusty historical manuscripts when they can enjoy the experience of the living God.

    No doubt there is a perfectly rational explanation so why don't you ask the historians?

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  • Easy, Jesus wasn't much noticed in the world in those days cause He did all His miracles within Israel, He was not traveling and letting Himself being known, and without TV or Internet I'm sure that the big majority of people in those days hardly knew of Him or His death.

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  • hace 1 década

    Without notice from the "historians" of his era there is sufficient evidence to say that he eixsted. Even if he didn't who cares as he's a false Messiah and the Christians bought into the crock of bleep he was spewing lock, stock and barrel...particularly the part of no way to God except through the son...nonsense...God needs no intermediary for one to reach he/she/it. PEACE!

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