Did Henry Ford "as a MASON" bear the EMBLEM of the Holy Trinity ?

"The Master Mason represents a man under the Christian doctrine saved from the grave of iniquity and raised to the faith of salvation. As the great testimonial that we are risen from the state of corruption, we bear the emblem of the Holy Trinity as the insignia of our vows and of the origin of the Master's order."(3)

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    Freemasons use particular symbols or marks to signify to their brethren their membership.

    Unfortunately in the cases of Masonic corruption within the civil service-corporate environment, that the public have become aware of, there is a clear chain of masonic marks(emblems) passed from document to document as that paper flows up and through the masonic chain of command.

    Yes The Trinity Emblem(symbol) is a classic mark of the raised Freemason. It has absolutely nothing to do with Catholic or Christian doctrines - the term Trinity never appears in the bible.

    Freemasons frequently mark & pass the 3 circles or dots to give due notice(a reminder) to their fellows of their masonic status.

    Henry Ford...havent seen any of his documents so cant say yet. Those connected with his corporation however, who are known Masons, certainly follow this rule as has been evidenced on so many ocassions.

    Fuente(s): Albert Pike et al. The Lodge. (Public interest)
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  • hace 1 década

    where is this quote from? I am not familiar with it.

    Thanks for the citation, Eric...

    There is no such emblem in Freemasonry; likely there never was one.

    One thing that the anti-masons fail to be able to grasp is that there is no one person, nor one group that speaks for all freemasons. Throughout history there have been individual freemasons who consider it a Religion; in fact Pike called it both a religion and not a religion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, to read, write and think what they believe --- this is a main principle of freemasonry and in the West we have this freedom because of freemasonry.

    Ford was a great and controversial person; toward the end of his life his health and mind faded and he became more irrational.

    Nonetheless, to answer this question --- NO, neither as a mason or a man did he bear the emblem of the holy trinity...

    Fuente(s): I am a Freemason
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  • hace 4 años

    It takes study to find the trinity in the Bible. It was a made up word by people years later, after compiling the verses which I am saying, 'takes study' to learn. You see, unlike many on Yahoo!Answers, these men were the most knowledgeable people recognized and available to the Council at the time. They didn't come into the Council and say stupid things that revealed their ignorance. These guys knew many scriptures. So if you cannot find the trinity in the Bible, it's because the word 'trinity' wasn't around when the scriptures were written. So saying that there can't be a 'trinity' because it's not in the Bible is rhetoric. There's no substance to the argument, and remains one of the key points that strange teachers depend upon. If someone believes the scriptures in the first place, then they ought to study them better. Anyone who reads the Bible can find what the trinity means by paying attention to what they are reading.

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  • Eric S
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    First, a question for you: what is your fixation with Henry Ford? A flawed individual to be certain, but he was never as influential as he thought he was.

    The quote is from "The Spirit of Masonry" by William Hutchinson, 1795, a British book by a very obscure and non-canonical author whose opinions were his own. Even if 18th C. British Freemasons wore such emblems Freemasonry in the 20th C. United States was and is very different in ritual.

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  • hace 1 década

    Yes he was a free mason.

    I will disagree with anyone saying that he was not influential, as a free mason, prided on thinking, and doing. Henry ford, allowed our country to start into 2 things, Automation of Automobile Production within the united states of America, as well as producing a product that burned away a waste product, ie GASOLINE, which was a bi-product of Kerosine.

    And he in fact was a man of vision, and for sure a free mason, and one of his best quotes that ring true . . .

    "If you think you are right, or you think your wrong, either way you are right." -Henry Ford

    To think is to create, and it is so true with anything, money, relationships, anything, if you tell yourself you cant you are right, and wont, imagine if you flip that thinking daily?

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