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Is Boulder Co. a good place for spending the summer?

My wife and I are thinking of spending the summer in Boulder. We have a 6 yr. old boy (too young for most outdoor rugged activities) and 9 yr. old girl.

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    I live near boulder!!! It is FENOMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!! It represents Colorado well, It is beautiful, absolutly STUNNING!!!!!!! There is a variety of things to do there as well. There is a kids fishing pond in boulder, its REALLY nice! and its GREAT to bring the kids to! There is also a really cool preforming arts thing to go to and see plays!

    However, If you have young kids, i would hold off for just a little while........Boulder is a fantastic GREAT city, but i think all of you would enjoy it more when they are a little older. here are some reason i think this:

    Older kids appreciate the incredible view, and spectacular beauty! As young kids, they wont be so awe-struck!

    Boulder is the place to go when you want to do out door activities more. Hiking is one of the best things to do in boulder! BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD for hiking!!!!!! Not hot, not cold, fenominal fiew, variety of levels of difficulty, and just incredible! Fishing is another great thing to do as well, biking, rock climbing, ect.........Boulder is THE place to go for great outdoor activities! If you cant do that stuff because of the kids, there wont be nearly as much to do!

    Is easier to get to places in boulder with older kids when your on vacation. It may be hard to travel with them in a place like this, its always harder with kids.

    There arent as many things to do for younger kids in boulder, its not their type of entertainment really...........they are geared tword teens+ usually.....

    ......However, just outside of boulder, there are things for them to do, about 30 - 40 mins from Boulder is Denver, were there is a GREAT zoo, museums, ball parks, statiums, amusment parks (GREAT ones) like Elitches (Six Flags) and lake side (Lakewood, near Denver and Boulder)

    In Westminster, also about 30 mins from boulder, is the BEST water park ever! Water World! In Denver, there is also a GREAT park just to hang out and even go swimming in a river and frolick and play in the grass.

    There is PLENTY for them to do in places like Denver, Westmisnster, Lakewood, ect........ PLENTY!!!!!

    My advice is to go somewere else this year, Maybe find a hotel in Denver instead, or near that, NEAR boulder even, and do things younger kids would enjoy too. When he gets a little older, then boulder would be good!

    Have fun!

    GREAT TIP: Consider going to Denver for the 4th of July, Get seats at Coors field, Its a baseball game fallowed by fireworks, GREAT fireworks, but get seats soon! JUMP ON IT!!!!

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    Im from Boulder and let me tell you this place is amazing to spend your summer with family. That is, if your family likes hiking and mountain activities. You should gather all your family together, including the kids, and show them some pictures of the different places you are considering and then you should all vote...maybe your kids prefer the ocean since apparently you are from Denver. Maybe they need something different...go talk to them and see what everybody wants. Also, you might consider a place which has childcare and allows you some private time with your wife! Kids also love hanging out with other kids during all this "childcare" type of activities and you can spend time with your strawberry pie.

    Good luck and may you have a great vacation!

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    The city and surrounding areas are beautiful with lots of activities. The people in Boulder are whacked out liberal, tree hugging fanatics. The city council actually voted to impeach President Bush. The people in Boulder also fancy their drugs - Soooo if you smoke weed and hate our President, it's a grand place to spend the summer.

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    from personal experience, i live in boulder. I've lived here my whole life and its simply mind blowing. everywhere you look is beautiful. mountains, fresh air, beautiful trees, happy children. The temperature is always perfect, and there is always a warm breeze.

    I advise you going to pearl street mall, there's grass, stores, and fountains for your kids to play in. there is plenty of parks, and its overall a happy surrounding place. its a great hiking place as well, and your children can take yoga classes. you can also go rock climbing at the spot gym. see a movie at 29th street mall. go shopping! bike ride everywhere.

    have fun, and i'll see you there i guess!

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    it actual relies upon on what you desire to do. while you are the outdoorsy variety then certainly Boulder because you're just about interior the foothills and function greater convenient get right of entry to to the mountains. in case you desire to bypass to issues like professional activities video games then Denver is an more advantageous guess. Boulder is likewise a lots smaller college city and is a lot cleanser. whilst Denver is sparkling for a huge city, it remains a huge city. cost of residing is likewise lots greater low priced in Denver than it rather is in Boulder. whilst I actual have not at all lived in Boulder via fact it rather is greater costly, I worked on the vast IBM plant up there for 2 years and rather I lots favored being in Boulder to Denver. Denver has by way of no means grown on me.

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