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Do blind people dream?

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    Answer from somebody who has been blind since she was fairly young:

    " Yes, blind people do dream. What they see in their dreams depends on how much they could ever see. If someone has been totally blind since birth, they only have auditory dreams. If someone such as I, has had a measure of sight, then that person dreams with that measure of sight. I still dream as though I can see, colors included. For people I've met since, their faces are just blurs or how I imagine they look. To me, someone like my mother looks forever 30. "

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    I don't know first hand, but I have heard they can have auditory dreams. Or if someone has lost sight later in life, they can still have seeing dreams.

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    At least that is what my little brother who was blind said.

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    HAHAHA!! this question really made me laugh HARD!

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