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What causes diarrhea, headache and stomachache?

what causes diarrhea, headache, and stomachache?

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    here! i found some information i hope its useful =D

    Many things can cause diarrhea, which can make diagnosis complex. A list of established causes of diarrhea follows:

    Lactose intolerance

    Pancreatic disease

    Short bowel syndrome

    Postgastrectomy syndrome



    Celiac disease (gluten intolerance)

    Other malabsorption syndromes

    Inflammatory bowel disease

    Infectious diseases

    Viral Infection

    Norwalk Virus



    Bacterial Infection




    Vibrio cholerae

    Entero-Aggregative Escherichia coli

    Entero-Toxic Escherichia coli

    Yersinia enterocolitica

    Vibrio parahemolyticus

    Protozoal Infection

    Giardia lamblia

    Entamoeba histolytica


    Dientamoeba fragilis






    Multicellular Parasitic Diseases









    Trematoda - Intestinal, lung, liver flukes


    Hookworm, pinworm

    Fungal Diseases


    Ischemic colitis

    Radiation colitis

    Secretory diarrhea

    Irritable bowel syndrome

    Laxative abuse

    Congenital syndromes (chloridorrhea)

    Bacterial toxins

    Drugs and poisons

    Beer & Liquor

    Neuroendocrine tumors


    Addison's disease

    Epidemic secretory Brainerd diarrhea


    The following is an incomplete list of possible causes of abdominal pain.[1]


    Inflammatory: gastroenteritis, appendicitis, gastritis, esophagitis, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, microscopic colitis

    Obstruction: hernia, intussusception, volvulus, post-surgical adhesions, tumours, superior mesenteric artery syndrome, severe constipation

    Vascular: embolism, thrombosis, hemorrhage, sickle cell disease, abdominal angina, blood vessel compression (such as celiac artery compression syndrome)

    digestive: peptic ulcer, lactose intolerance, celiac sprue, Jasohnstritis

    Bile system

    Inflammatory: cholecystitis, cholangitis

    Obstruction: cholelithiasis, tumours


    Inflammatory: hepatitis, liver abscess


    Inflammatory: pancreatitis

    Renal and urological

    Inflammation: pyelonephritis, bladder infection

    Obstruction: kidney stones, urolithiasis, Urinary retention, tumours

    Vascular: left renal vein entrapment

    Gynecological or obstetric

    Inflammatory: pelvic inflammatory disease

    Mechanical: ovarian torsion

    Endocrinological: menstruation, Mittelschmerz

    Tumors: endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cyst, ovarian cancer

    Pregnancy: ruptured ectopic pregnancy, threatened abortion

    Abdominal wall

    muscle strain or trauma

    muscular infection

    neurogenic pain: herpes zoster, radiculitis in Lyme disease, abdominal cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome (ACNES), tabes dorsalis

    Referred pain

    from the thorax: pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, ischemic heart disease, pericarditis

    from the spine: radiculitis

    from the genitals: testicular torsion

    Metabolic disturbance

    uremia, diabetic ketoacidosis, porphyria, C1-esterase inhibitor deficiency, adrenal insufficiency,lead poisoning, black widow spider bite, narcotic withdrawal

    Blood vessels

    aortic dissection, abdominal aortic aneurysm

    Immune system



    familial Mediterranean fever


    irritable bowel syndrome (affecting up to 20% of the population, IBS is the most common cause of recurrent, intermittent abdominal pain)

    and.. sorry i couldn't find any information about what causes headaches but i know some of them:

    . sometimes its caused by noise


    .sometimes because you're hungry


    .low blood sugar




    i hope this information to be useful =D

    good luck!

    see ya !

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    bacterias and parasites

    most common escherichia colli bacteria

    and salmonella

    may be something u ate makes u sick

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    lo puede causar infecciones en tu estomago o algún alimento te callo mal

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