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Do fish drink or absorb water?

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    The answer to your question depends, of course, a bit on what you mean by "drink." Freshwater fish don't actively drink water, but they do of course absorb water through their skin and gills. Saltwater fish actually take in water through their mouths - which is something closer to what you'd think of as drinking - and get rid of salt with the help of their gills.

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    Fish like salmon, which live part of their lives in salt water and part in fresh water, can do both, with the choice being determined by where they are. Dolphins (which are mammals, not fish) get their water from the fish they eat.

    All animals we know of need water one way or another. Almost anything you'd think of as food contains water, but most animals need to drink some liquid in addition to what they eat.

    Probably the most remarkable creature in terms of doing without anything like drinking is the kangaroo rat. They have incredibly efficient kidneys and are very good at holding on to water. The amazing thing is that they go one better and actually make their own water. If you burn carbohydrates, you get carbon dioxide and water as waste products, and if you do this "burning" in a living thing you can actually (if you're a kangaroo rat) recover some of this water. As long as they have dry food to eat they never have to drink.

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    Most is absorbed through the gills. I cannot remember exactly how it works, but salt water fish have a different anatomy than fresh water fish. If you put a salt water fish into fresh water, it's skin will not keep the water out and the fish will die. Fresh water fish can get saline "burns" if put into salt water. I bet there is a wiki thing on this.

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    neither, they live in water so that their gills don't get stuck 2 theirface and can open to absorb oxygen from water

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    Marine fish might desire to drink by fact the water surrounding them is saltier than their physique tissues so attracts water out of them by using osmosis. They drink the sea water and specific cells enable them to do away with the salts whilst 'eating' the water

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    neither one, the reason that they need to be in water is because it keeps their gills seperated because if they were not in the water they their gills would stick to eachother preventing them from being able to get any air.

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    I bet they absorb it

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    neither. they filter it through gills

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