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Can I assemble a mountain bike frame into a road bike?

I have a new road bike, aluminium frame and shimano tiagra group, but is so uncomfortable, I would like to change the frame, because the driving position in Mountain Bikes is perfect. Is possible? Thanks

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    Don't do it, road and mountain bikes have very different geometry. When I first got a road bike after riding a MTB or hybrid for some years I found the position very uncomfortable, but it just took a bit of getting use to. Try your road-bike for a hundred miles or so and then, if you still find it uncomfortable, change it for something more comfortable. If you want something faster than an MTB try a hybrid or flat bar road bike.

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    Entry level road bikes are not meant for off-roads, but it is more likely that you are not aware of how to ride happily with it (I am enjoying my classic road bike since the day I bought it, others are admiring it). The manner you cycle the road bike over uneveness, the bumpy route you use, are more likely to be not quite compatible with the road bike, the saddle can be inferior quality as well for an entry-level road bike

    Go to the dealer who sold you the road bike

    Check the price of the mountain bike you like

    Cehck if you can trade-in with this dealer for that mountain bike you like

    If this road bike is not damaged/scratched. They may even give you a rebate for the trade-in (road bike usually cost much more than mountain bike)

    Unlikely you find it worth the effort to try transplanting/transforming a road bike into a mountain bike, or otherwise

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    Mountain bike frame geometry is completely different and it won't really work. Road wheels won't fit any way. And the suspension sucks all the energy out of moving forward. If your bike is uncomfortable, then it just doesn't fit you. Get a road bike that fits you. I ride both road and mountain, and both bike are comfortable. I can do 100 miles with no discomfort.

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    Contrary to what M V says...the Specialized Hardrock (base model) is $390. The Trek 820 is $329.99. Links below. As the old guy said, the only $300 bike shop bike is the Raleigh at $299.99. The main thing is to go by fit & feel. Take several out for test rides & see which one feels best to you!

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    take the new one back, goto a local bike shop and ride something that's more comfortable. You can't switch it out though, tires sized differently and what not. If you want to ride competitively on road too you'd be at a disadvantage too with weight and wheel size and what not.

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    This is sure shot way to invite an accident. Both the objects got different geometry.

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    take bike back xchg for mtn bike. or have the stem and spacer reset to be more comfortable. don't bother messing withit.

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