Christian life after death...? Please help :)?

I am doing a booklet on christian belief & I need to explain what christians believe is their goal in life. What is their purpose on earth? How does heaven give their life meaning & hope? Thanks in advance :)

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    To write such a booklet, you should understand what you believe and *why* you believe it. It is not enough to simply acknowledge belief, so carefully consider that fact before writing. This may not answer your question directly, but I can give reasons I believe so you can identify your own:

    1. Authorship: The Bible was written by about 40 different authors over 1500 years. No way could they have all collaborated, and why would they conspire to cheat us with lies?

    2. Fulfilled prophecy: Consider the fallibility of modern day weather forecasters, who cannot guarantee their predictions with 100% accuracy. According to the laws of probability, mankind should not be able to prophesy at all and yet we have documented fulfilled prophecies hundreds of years after the prophecies were made. About one-fourth of the Bible was prophetic when written.

    3. Preservation: Despite centuries of censorship, war, tyrants, atheists and agnostics, the Bible perseveres. The fact that it no longer holds the same place in our priorities as it once held corresponds to and underscores the increase in violence and crime that plagues our communities.

    4. Archeology: The Bible tells us we should be able to understand the science behind Creation. The Sodom and Gomorrah sites, recently proved destroyed by sulphur-based fire, are simply two instances of modern man discovering scientific basis in the Bible. Another might be the newly-discovered 'caucasian' or non-oriental mummies of China which ties in with the story of the Galatians and their journey toward the East. Another might be the eruption of Santorini, particularly its accompanying earthquakes and fault lines which tie in to the Moses and the Israelites' escape from Egypt.

    5. Changed Lives: Faith is a powerful and life changing force. The Spirit of God makes itself real when you choose to open your heart. Your life will never be the same; it is a peace and freedom that words can scarcely express.

    Logically, having studied Scripture and finding it accurate on so many levels, then I must accept that Jesus is real and follow His suggested course of action. That became possible once I understood that being 'made in His image' meant my body contained a spirit that could easily communicate with His. It's rather like matching up Bluetooth devices with your computer; i.e. one must acknowledge the other for any data transfer to take place. Prayer is the linkup.

    Fuente(s): Miracles. Profound, life-changing miracles.
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    I am a little worried about some of the answers people have given you....hmmm

    On goals - there are personal ones and there are 'Godly goals' i.e. ones that the bible gives us.

    The biblical goal of all christians should be to increase the kingdom of God - that is, to spread the good news of the gospel (Christ's death and resurrection - Salvation). This is known as 'The Great Commission'.

    On heaven: when a christian dies they are judged - How did they live their life for God? They will enter heaven and receive such rewards that God judges they should receive for the way they lived their life for him. Heaven does not provide meaning as such to a christian's life but of course it provides the hope of rewards for the inevitable suffering that accompanies your belief in Christ. And every christian would hope that the Lord will say 'well done my good and faithful servant'.

    We were created to be physical beings and therefore Heaven is not our final 'resting' place. Which is why in Revelation and other places in the bible it talks about a new earth - that will be our new home. So heaven is not the be all and end all. God has further plans!

    NB: on people saying that being good gets you into heaven - BIG MISTAKE. This is not biblical it is a mistaken view of christians and it is a big fat lie! The only way to heaven is to accept Christ's sacrifice that was made so that we could be forgiven of our sin and have a relationship with God. The whole point of sending his son to die was because we could never just be 'good' - we all fail, but God loves us so much he sent his son to die for the sin we couldn't prevent or get rid of. WHY? - so that we could have a relationship with him.

    Sound people to listen to, that rely on the Bible first and foremost are:

    Joel Virgo (CCK) and Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church)

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    Every person (as an individual) as a life goal. Life goals are not solely based on religious beliefs.

    What is a Christian's purpose on Earth? That depends who you ask. Some radical Christians may say "to serve God and bring knowledge to those walking a life of sin. If you ask me (a Christian who has a mind of her own and doesn't reiterate what the church says) to live an honest life with little regrets and to make the best of what I have in the present.

    How does heaven give their life meaning and hope? I'm sorry but heaven doesn't give my life meaning. I give my life meaning, my family gives my life meaning. To me religion is spiritual guidance and something to believe in and look forward to after we pass on. Some believe and look forward to reincarnation.. I believe in heaven and God, so I believe my soul will go to heaven. Hope? That's a tough one because I'm a bit of a cynic.

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    Most Christians do not see a goal in life, at least not in a religious way.

    St. Augustine wrote about life as being a pursuit of the good. Of course, we should seek the ultimate good when we do this, and that the ultimate good is God. Thus, he said that the meaning of life is the pursuit of God. He thought that it could not be done in your lifetime, but would happen at the end of it (all going well).

    Few Christians know this though. However, the knowledge of heaven is a great hope. The idea of everlasting life is the "good news" or gospel. This was originally one of the great attractors for others to turn to Christianity. The forgiveness of sins, and life everlasting are two biggies. But, this is an end, and not really a goal. Christians do not see a goal in the same way is Hindus (or others) do.

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    Christians believe their goal in life is to serve God-in return their lives will be great-it doesn't mean that they will have a great life or that they won't face challenges-but what God gives them is the faith to know they will survive and he will always be there for them-the principles taught in the bible will help anyone live a better life-it teaches how to get along with others, be honest, raise your children to respect, etc-follow god's guidelines and you can get rid of stress and eliminate the amount of mistakes you make-god is a loving parent-when we go to heaven it is the day we get to spend eternity with god-christian's purpose is to get others to become christians-this is easily done by setting a good example with your own life-people are always watching you-words are cheap-actions are powerful

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    Ok Christians goal in life is to spread the word of God and Jesus while on earth in the way Jesus did.

    There purpose on earth is to live a life that sticks to the rules of the bible so they are given eternal life.

    Eternal life means life after death (e.g. after they die they want to be in heaven.)

    With this in mind all there life they know even if it is not good on earth now they know that they have the promise of heaven at the end of it.

    hope this makes sense

    sorry if i have repeated myself


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    God created mankind to worship Him. The first humans (Adam and Eve) were given a paradise to live in and God promised them a life of luxury if they promised to live by His rules. Or course, those rules were broken, sin entered the world, and it's been downhill ever since. Every human is faced, every day, with all sorts of temptations from Satan, but it doesn't change God's original intent - for humans to worship Him. God came up with several different ways for humans to be forgiven of sin, including the sacrificing of lambs, but these various ways of staying close to God failed. So God came up with the ultimate way - the sacrificing of His only Son. That's why Jesus is known as the Lamb of God. Knowing that Jesus sacrificed His life for our sins gives our lives the hope and meaning you ask about. We know that believing in Jesus' sacrifice insures an eternity in Heaven upon our death.

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    Well, it depends which Christian you ask. Different kinds of Christians will tell you different things.

    I'm a Christian and I would say that my goal in life is to learn to love my neighbor as myself, like Jesus commanded. Another Christian might tell you something different.

    I starred this so hopefully my Christian contacts will answer!

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    us christians believe that our goal is to do gods work. Heaven is only accessed through the belief that jesus is ur savior. it doesnt provide hope to say the least.Heaven is just the place where you go after u die.

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    As a Christ follower, our goal is to live by Jesus example - which is to live pure lives holy and pleasing to God and to do His will. What is His will? - to love and forgive others, and reflect His love and goodness as we live our lives for His glory and not our own.

    That in and of itself does not grant us salvation, but it is proof that we want to live "changed lives".

    In other words, before I made a decision to follow Jesus, my life was sinful and separated from a holy God. As Christians, we live in a sinful world and still struggle with sin since we're human - but it's not our way of life. We are trusting Christ's death to redeem us from our sins.

    We believe that Heaven begins on this side of eternity - not after we die. It's a journey that begins in this life as we walk on our journey with God.

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