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How do you teach 5 yo respect and patience?

How do you teach 5 yo respect and patience?

Respect - for his things, for his parents, for other kids, for elderly?

Patience - as in just because his friends get toys every other week (like we believe it) doesn't mean he has to. That its not the end of the world if theres no pizza in the freezer.

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    By being very patient! Truthfully, 5 year olds don't have the capacity to be respectful or patient. They don't yet have the ability to see things from another's perspective and they don't have a good understanding of time. However, they do have the desire to please their parents, so they can be taught to act the part until they are old enough to understand the reasons why.

    By age five, children are able to begin understanding reasoning, but only reasons that are on their level. So for respect, they are more likely to respond if you explain that treating others well usually makes others want to treat them well. For patience, it's easier to give the child a time frame they can understand, like after lunch or when the long hand is pointing at a certain number on the clock. Generally, you can explain how showing respect and being patient makes the child happier than if they are impatient and disrespectful. Then do the same thing over and over and over. When the child is older, they will understand more why they need to be respectful and patient.

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    respect: if he breaks his things then he has to make do with broken / fixed things. Don't go buying new stuff if he breaks things he already has.

    Put in place a punishment/reward system. If hes really careful and looks after things/people all day then he can choose dinner/pudding/what DVD to watch/something else that he'll want. If he doesn't respect people or things then he has to sit on the bottom step of the stairs on his own without any toys for 5 minutes (1 for every year of his life). After that time if he apologizes then he can carry on playing or whatever, if not he can sit there a bit longer.

    Patience: is a hard one to teach but mostly involves not giving in to him.

    When he wants toys you could give him some pocket money, maybe 50p per week or some other small amount. he can buy things when he's saved enough. for bigger toys you could make him save 1/2 or 1/4 and when he's got enough you'll put in the rest.

    When you're talking to a friend make him wait until you're finished or at an appropriate pause, then talk to him.

    give him choices about dinner but not 'what do you want?' offer things like 'Shepperd's pie or curry tonight?' 'do you want your peas by your mash or by your chips?' (Not 'do you want peas?') Stick to your guns and he'll learn that what you say goes, and that he can't just scream until you go and buy pizza. If he tries the screaming then you could make him sit on the step for 5 min and then offer the same choice again, eventually he'll get the message.

    It's hard for the parents though because you want to be 'nice' to him and give him what he wants when he screams but just remember in the long term it's much better if you teach him manners.

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    This is not an answer how to but........

    I'm not a parent nor do I have any children, but if you all figure this out write a book and or post it on a new website, if there isn't already one...

    I have friends with children and for the most were reared properly in that the respect was instilled..

    I have friends who have children I'd like to throttle,

    no respect, don't say hello (gave on on saying it to them),

    don't say thank you..Xmas stopped giving them presents,

    I want it now / me world attitude,

    Don't really want to work yet parent not parents in this case will pay,

    want their cake and eat it too, get pregnant, have kids, drop the kids on mom so they can go out constantly

    disobeying the rules of the road, walking out in front of cars

    the list goes on

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    Lead by example. Punishment does not teach respect or patience, it teaches resentment and anger.

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    OMG today we had to coach pre primaries as part of the school PE curriculum. There were some really tough ones that kept on running away from us and not listening to when we were talking. IT WAS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever you do, don't hit him. I know everyone says this, but seriously he's not gonna learn anything: he'll just get more rebellious.

    Don't send him to a 'naughty corner' because believe it or not they'll actually start liking it.

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    You need to show them how to have respect and patience by having it yourself.

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    Treat them in the same way you expect them to act, you can't spank them, threaten them, ground them and be impatient and disrespectful and expect them to turn out the opposite, you get what you raise. If you treat them like a child or adut that's what they'll be.

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    Lead by example, it will take time, but considering that it's important enough to you for you to ask, I think you're on the right track.

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    First, explain those things to him. Second, lead by example.

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    By example.

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