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Do you know a good fishing guide in Lake Conroe?

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    When I lived in Huntsville I used to fish the upper end of Lake Conroe all the time. Awesome crappie fishing...but the sand bass and large mouths are really good too.

    Never did much catfishing there..I also had a cabin on the Trinity River for that. haha

    If you're going north on 45 from conroe/houston etc. soon as you get into H/ville turn left (west) on Lake Road (fm 1375 I'm pretty sure. It's just north of the State Park before you get into town. It's an overpass crossing 45. Catch it and go about 10 miles until you see a sign that says Stubblefield Creek. Turn there (right) and go about 4 miles until you get to a bridge. There's a primitive (gravel) boat ramp there. Launch and go back under the bridge...head down stream about a mile and you'll be in the jungle (north end of Lake Conroe) You really can't get there from the main part of the lake without hitting a BUNCH of stumps. There's some badazz bass fishing and the creek is full of crappie.

    If you still want a guide try this:

    Good luck bro and have fun... I used to love fishing Conroe. I'd fish Conroe and I lived on hwy 190 only 15 minutes from Lake Livingston. The fishing was that much better there.

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    How about looking on google or the web to fine it too. Good luck to you.

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