how much a day would i charge for 5 kids 7 MONTH OLD 2 YO 7 YO 10 YO AND 5 YO from 6am to 6pm?

ow much a day would i charge for 5 kids 7 MONTH OLD 2 YO 7 YO 10 YO AND 5 YO from 6am to 6pm

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    I agree ALOT!!! That is a huge responcibility, think long and hard about what you are getting into and if you really want to do this.

    12 hours a day for how many days in a week? Is it long term? I would say $600 a week, that is ten dollars an hour, no less. It has to be well worth you while. I wouldnt do it!

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    Wow, at least $10-12 hour, or a soild weekly rate. I understand that a 10year old does not require a lot, but you will have your hands very full with the four others. DO NOT feel bad asking for what you want b/c they could not get daycare annnnnnnnywhere for cheaper then what Im sure you will be paid. Keep your foot down on a reasonable rate! Good luck!! :o)

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    My suggestion is $20 a day for the infant, $15 a day for the others if they are all from the same family. If they are from different families, $25/ day for the infant and $20 a day per child. And even then, that is a pretty good deal you might be able to go up, depending on your situation and the families that need daycare.

    You might check your local laws, you might not be able to have more than four children per adult in a daycare situation.

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    Well depending on how the 10 y/o and 7 y/o were raised they could help you out a lot. I know a few 10 year olds this way that help out a lot with there younger sibblings in fact my fiancee's son is 10 and if I ask him to help find his brothers binkie he'll go get it or if I ask him to help with dinner or watch his brother he would do it. So to answer your question I would charge about 40 dollars a day.

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    My son would be 6 months old on Fri. he's sitting unassisted as long as he would not attain too some distance left or good for something that has caught his interest....then he topples over. he's certainly attempting to flow slowly.....gets up on his palms and knees then gets this "deer interior the headlight seem" like "what do I do now and how did I do this??" he's humorous! He likes to snatch my hubby and that i's glasses and pinch our noses and grab out lips...he laughs like loopy! he's accomplishing for something and each little thing and needs it in his mouth. He LOVES paper! now and back it form of feels he has 10 palms going everywhere at as quickly as! we've lots exciting with him! His smile lights furniture up an entire room (even associates have commented on what an outstanding smile he has!) and his laugh has have been given to be a valid that comes from heaven!

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    What about the price of the psychologist you'll need as well......:)

    This is a lot!!! If you are lucky, they will all play well together. Hopefully the 10 year old is mature. I would say $500/week. Ask for more if it is not too much.

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    you would need to charge a good bit but you also need to check the laws i know in md for like more then 2 kids you need a daycare lisense then you need one adult per like4 kids are all these kids related to you or just friends kids if they are related then the rules are diff but i would deff do some research on "babysitting" laws in your state

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