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someone can teach me urdu hindi?

Plzz? someone wanna teache me? i m bilingual and it would be cool to learn a bit more... and for some reasson im interestes in the indian/pakistan lenguage.... (i know im not good w/grammar... english or spanish but i still would like to learn another lenguage) thanks add me to yahoo or msn taz_girl8888 and taz_girl888@hotmail.com

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  • Asher
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    hace 1 década
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    would like to help but, can not. if you get interested, hebrew I can tray to teach you....kisses

  • hace 4 años

    Learn each and every. You will broaden vocabulary in Sanskrit, Hindi on the one hand and Persian , Arabic on the distinct. You will act as a bridge and upgrade each and every the languages. If you live outside India , the entire further intent that you simply effectively obtain potential of each and every, with the intention to talk to each and every North Indians and Pakistanis at a deeper measure. As an abilities, you canll enjoy Urdu poetry.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década
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