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Reccomend Agenda software?

I recently aquired a small laptop and it's been great, I'm able to work anywhere, anytime. However I'm still missing a simple program to organize my calendar and perhaps another for my adress book, I'm not picky I just want something that works pretty much like google calendar, but I need it to work offline (there isn't always internet where i am). So can you reccomend a program for this? Open source will be better.

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    You can view your google calendar offline also



  • Paul
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    I highly recommend VueMinder Calendar Lite. It's free and works offline.

    It has a full calendar window, but also a really cool semi-transparent calendar that integrates into the Windows desktop. There are also options for syncing with Google Calendar, for those times when you have an internet connection. After it syncs, you can continue to view your Google Calendar right on your Windows desktop, even while offline.

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    try using windows calender

    or outlook both are great

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