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Which language is easier to learn? Why?

From Korean, Chinese and Japanese which is the easier one to learn, for a Persian speaker? Why? Thanks

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    Probably Korean, as it's the only one with an alphabet, Hangul, an almost purely phonetic alphabet.

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    If you want to learn a European language, you have to considerate the difficulty but also the importance.

    English is the most spoken language all over the world, but due to it have a lot of vowel combinations, they make the language not very easy. Only a few languages have few combinations, for example, Spanish has only 5, Enhlish has about 500.

    You have to look for what are your interest and decide what to learn.

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    Hmmm... None of them are remotely Indo-European, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. The grammar of "Chinese" (do you mean "Mandarin"?) is straightforward, but as there are 4 tones and everything is written in pictograms, it can be difficult for some. Korean is completely phonetic, but the grammar is "interesting". Japanese has FAIRLY simple grammar, and can be either written phonetically or can use pictograms, and is almost stressless...

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    japanese use chinese characters so better learn chinese

    no matter what is your own lang persian or any else


    korean is visible

    has an alphabet

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