How I can know how are the feet of a girl?

I am a foot fetishist, I wonder how I can know how are the feet of a girl without even having seen them before (if they are beautiful or ugly)

If not it disgusting my fetish or think I'm weird, it does not respond

Sorry my bad English because I'm Mexican :P


A friend agreed to let him a massage on your feet and knows about my fetish, I want to have an idea of ​​how they are, she never used shoe open and it says that you are uncomfortable

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  • hace 9 años
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    (I'm not disgusted by this - everyone has something unusual about their interests)

    I'm not sure what you're asking because your English is close to understandable, but not quite clear in what you mean to ask.

    If I may re ask what you do, in a way that I think is how you mean, can you tell me if I'm right?

    (You want to ask) "A female friend knows I have a foot fetish and has agreed to let me give her a foot massage, but I'm not sure how to do it or even if her feet are attractive or not" (am I right?)

    If this is right, I'll say this : most women absolutely love getting a foot massage but, if you're not sure how to do it for her, ask her to tell you how she likes it best as you're doing it to her. One thing which most women like is feeling in control so, if she feels like she's teaching you how to give her a foot massage, you'll be allowed to do what you will, and she'll enjoy it even more.

    In terms of whether or not hers are even attractive, is she an attractive lady? I mean, it makes sense that, if she's pretty, she probably has quite nice legs/feet also.

    If you're truly a fetishist, it wont matter much to you anyway (just make sure you both shower first).

    Good on you for trying out what you are.

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