What is a good diet that's safe while breastfeeding?

I am a stay at home mom of 3 and I suffer from sciatica, herniated disk, and I have a bad height difference due to a brake when I was younger. I stopped taking my pain medication when I found out I was pregnant and now I am breastfeeding so I still don't take them. So I am very limited in what I can do for exercise. I wanted to know what kind of diet I could do that is safe to do while breastfeeding. I wanted to try a juice detox but heard it was unsafe. I am starting long walks in a week. Currently to survive the pain, here and there I get massages. But due to my small budget I don't get them often enough. I am suppose to be getting a referral to see a pain specialist but I am scared I have heard that it can make it worse, and the pain relief is temporary. I am only 24 (young yes I know) doctors are unsure how this all happened. Anyway that's my story in a nutshell and would like to get rid of this extra weight. Not only to help my back, for more energy to play with my children, and my main reason is so I can feel comfortable wearing normal clothes. I am 5'2, I currently weigh 140 trying to get back to 120-115. Would love any suggestions on diet/eating, and exercise.

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    I admire your steadfast practice of breastfeeding your child. It's the best food for an infant. Cow milk formulas have been linked to juvenile diabetes, colic, and other maladies.

    In terms of your own health, I'd consider the impact of nutrition. I've known several people who suffered mysterious pain that seemed to evaporate after changing their diet to a "whole plant based" diet. Excess animal proteins tend to be hard on the human body. Excess animal protein tends to cause an acid condition in your blood that leaches calcium from bones. Consuming too much milk dairy can cause a negative calcium balance and osteoporosis (Harvard's famous Nurses' Study). A better source of calcium is dark leafy greens (kale, chard) which also contains iron and some proteins. Whole grains and legumes complete your protein requirements without the dire consequences of animal-based proteins. The nutrition expert, Dr. Neal Barnard has a clear understanding of the relationship between food and pain:


    I recommend any book by Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, or Professor T. Colin Campbell.

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    Go to the pain specialist first of all. The relief may be temporary, but it's better than what you're going through now -- and who knows, maybe they'll be able to help you more permanently. They can also advise what medications are safe to take while breastfeeding so you're not suffering.

    A good diet is one that is healthy. Focus on vegetables and fruits, lean meats or beans for protein, whole wheat and whole grains, and lots of water. Skip the fast food, soda, and alcohol. You do need some extra calories for breastfeeding, and a doctor can help you determine the appropriate amount you need. Then monitor your calories so you don't go over.

    Do NOT detox. Detoxes are absolutely ridiculous; you aren't getting the nutrition you need, and your body naturally detoxes anyway. Doing it for weight loss is unsafe; only detox if a doctor guides you on the right path.

    Exercise - you can do whatever works for you. I don't know if you have any restrictions which, again, is why you need to see a doctor. Since you have back problems, water therapy is a great exercise that is less painful for you.

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    Dont use a diet pill. Even if you aren't breastfeeding they aren't good for you. The only thing they will do is give you a quick loss that will result in a quick regain of the weight you lost, possibly more. I suggest drinking more water, eating right and more exercise. If you do it the healthy way then you will keep the weight off longer.

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