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Why is it Americas #1 Icon is French?

What ever meaning it has, its still not US Made! Why take pride in a Foreign Object? Yes, I Mean the Statue of Liberty!

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    Please categorize your question properly (i.e. not "Religion & Spirituality").

    The English language comes from France and Germany (via Britain), but many conservative Americans see it as a hallmark of American culture (i.e. the push to make English the official language.)

    In the 1870s people were more interested with what something looked like than where it was made. We only recently started becoming obsessed with the "made in America" label due to the trade deficit with China.

    Also, the French and Americans were on fairly decent terms during the 19th century. France was the 1st country to formally recognize the US as a nation, (Algeria being the first) helped bankroll a good portion of the American Revolution and sent troops as well.

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