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Help me out, please. I need to format to Windows 7?

I bought a sony vaio laptop windows xp (vgn-n365e) it runs very slow, and its windows isn't original, was windows vista; however. the problem is that i can't download anything. I would like to reformat to windows 7, please can you show me o tell me a website where i could do this format. I tried to look in you tube, but there is a lot of incomprensible crap. Please just make sure it's only windows 7.

Nota: The laptop freezes all the time, when I try to use, so in order to do all the formating I need another computer, an external hard drive,or dvd or usb drive. Please let me know if you need more information.

thank you ahead of time.

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    freezing is usually an indication of bad blocks.

    make your vista recovery media NOW.

    then run a diskchk/R to scan and repair the disk.

    then your freezing will stop.


    your recovery options for a sony are restricted to the Original opsys.

    if you ever install 7 you will most likely NOT be able to update the BIOS

    you probably wont be able to use the SONY utilities, and even windows

    update might not work.

    the best system for your pc is the one it came with. so long as the recovery is intact then get the bad blocks sorted and recover the pc to VISTA. There is no good reason whatsoever to ever change from using Vista.


    if the diskchk/r isnt good enough to fix the bad blocks then you must run a hard drive diags disk

    download, burn and boot the ISO shown in the link(CD Image 2720K)

    run a quick scan if it passes the disk is probably ok

    otherwise a fullscan will sort it.

    be very mindful that disk diagnostics can run patterns and can totally erase a drive so always read the messages displayed, very carefully.

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