Please suggest me a suitable PHP script?

Hello there, I am a website designer and developer from the UK who has a keen interest in gaming. I am currently developing two projects which both relate to gaming. The first project is CoDSpot, which is Call of Duty related, and the second, YourGTA, which is Grand Theft Auto related. I am currently in the process of designing these websites and thinking of ideas of what content to publish on them. I have used software such as phpBB which is a well known forum software I use on a day-to-day basis.

I am kindly asking for somebody who has knowledge and experience of various web-scripts to recommend me a script which is open source and can be easily integrated within my HTML and CSS website. The script I am using for demo purposes is CuteNews, which allows me to publish news articles on the site. I will probably end up keeping that script and create a news page.

Anyway, this is what my first (CoDSpot) project will consist of:


- Users having the abilty to create an account

- Users upload their game footage, and other users rate their media. Media is then ranked from highest to lowest votes

- Users can edit their video, by renaming or deleting

- Users can comment on the footage that has been taken

- A moderator or administrator will have to approve or deny any videos that have been uploaded, due to spam and inconvenient content being uploaded.

(Would like)

- "Share on" feature - users can share videos on social networks

- "Tag" or "Keywords" feature on videos

Is this unrealistic? Would I have to hire a freelancer and pay hundreds for this project? If you know any PHP scripts which like they will do the job, please refer me to them so I can look into them further. Otherwise, please provide me with an estimate to how much you think it would cost for me to have somebody code this for me.

Any other ideas and suggestions are appreciated, if you think the idea is bad and will not take off, please share some ideas you have?

I am also looking for a team, or a partner to help me with this project. Once the project has been completed, making profits will be highly considered.

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    If your goal is to make profits, a custom made script should be your first option. But that involves cost or time (if you can code). Your requirements can be easily achieved by using CMS like Drupal or even Wordpress. But not out of box. You need to use modules or plugins. Your site will deal with video upload. So, you may also consider a video CMS ( PHPmotion, clipbucket etc). If you are familiar with PHP, you can easily use and modify those CMS.

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    Don't use a CMS like phpBB or MyBB etc.

    Write your own custom script in PHP. It shouldn't be too hard but it WILL be time consuming.

    The easiest part about 'CoDSpot' is the user signup and login part. The rest will be a bit tricky.

    I can try be of assistance if you want. Email me:

    Fuente(s): Web Developer
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    visit there u will find many script

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