Thank you for taking your time in reading me, I have a dell inspiron M5030 laptop windows 7, black screen, please tell me what i can do.?

I have made research about this problem, which I have tried with no result, I have removed the battery I pressed the power button and nothing, and I did the same with the round silver battery and hard drive and nothing. I also pressed the fn button + the power button at the same time and only giving me a different sound beeps. I have also tried with the button D + the power button which i can see the color changing and then stays black screen again. I tryed to connect it to my TV screen, but unfortunately the laptop does not have the HDMI, Please i will really appreciate if u can hel me, THANKS.

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  • hace 7 años

    Think the problem lies with the screen. One of my friend encountered similar problem with her hp lappy. Better take it to the nearest service center to fix the issue! All the best

  • hace 7 años

    I suggest contacting Dell support to see if they can provide any insight.

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