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This girl dumped me. Was she worth it or should i move on from this?

We were talking for over half a year and we tried to see eachother several times but nothing happened because she always had something to do at the last minute and it made me get pissed. The other day i just said to her..."what should i say to the girl that i have a crush on?" And she said "tell her that you like her" then i replied "i like you" but things didnt turned out like i wanted to... She said she is still in love with her ex and i understand her because they both dated for over 4 years but i think in all honesty that he is a bum... He didnt finish school, he has a baby with another girl and does drugs? And this girl is still in love with him?! There is something in this dating thing i might be getting wrong then....

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  • hace 7 años

    Not worth it, at all

    Sorry not what you wanted to hear, but pushy guys ( no offense) are turn offs. I mean once she sees that you do not need her, shell come around.

  • hace 7 años

    Move on.

  • hace 7 años

    She's just not into you. Move on. Stop wasting your life with her.

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    hace 7 años

    Hey! You don't know how she feels! But yah.. Her ex sounds like a complete moron on crack.

    Two words for you.

    MOVE ON!

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  • hace 7 años

    Try to find another girl who is more emotionally available

    Answer mine ?

  • hace 7 años

    Ain't worth it

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