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My TV wont turn on at all Samsung LCD 32"?

So I was watching TV then all of sudden it just turns off by itself. So I proceed to turn it on with the control ,and the TV wouldn't turn on I thought well it might be the control. Then I press the power button on the TV which still has the RED LIGHT ON but still nothing. I know that the TV is receiving power ,because the RED LIGHT on the power button is still on.

The TV is a Samsung LCD 32" Model # LN32C450E1D. Don't say that I should call Samsung about a Lawsuit with bad capacitors ,because I already did and my TV WILL NOT QUALIFY. I was wondering if anyone could give me something about what's going on with the TV. If you can also give me an estimate on the cost hopefully it's under 100$.

To sum it all up the TV will not respond to the power button on the control and ON THE TV. The RED STANDBY LIGHT IS ON the TV it does not blink or flash OR ANYTHING when pressed it just STAYS SOLID RED.

Thank You

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  • Alan
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    Samsung became involved in a bad capacitor law suit due to their size and the price of sets back in that era. The problem still exists - in fact it is even worse today. However since new television sets have dropped so much in price - we just put up with it. Failed capacitors in the power supply is the #1 reason television sets fail today, and a typical repair bill is around $200. A new cheapie 32" television set is $200 - so you see the vicious circle we are in.

    Samsung won't do anything for you at this point. At best you can have the set repaired knowing that you don't have a $200 WalMart cheapie that is lucky to operate for a year. $100 won't pay for a repair with a technician doing the work, and televisions truly are not DIY repair items.

  • hace 7 años

    Hi there,

    You are correct, this is not a model that was affected with a capacitor issue. Models manufactured on and before the year 2008 had issues with capacitors. Your model was manufactured in 2010. Your only option in this case is to contact your local authorised Samsung service centre. You can search for your local service centre here >

    Hope this helps.

  • khalil
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    if you have some knowledge on electronics repairing......

    you may download its SERVICE MANUAL on the web.....

    there are flow charts for troubleshooting......

    usually electrolytic capacitors get bad by passing the fact they are WET type.....after passing a time they get dried so decreasing capacity....for example a 1000 uF may show 10uF.....they have working voltage WV and polarity ( + and - )...

    WARNING...replacing it with a lower WV or reverse may explode as a BOMB.!...good to ask more...

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