How I can fix sony vaio vgn fw21m that constantly turns on and off without stopping.?

My laptop is windows vista 32 bit, With 350 hard drive and 4 gb ram, which I formatted to windows 7 (ultimate 32 bit) which has worked well for about a year. Right through that time I downloaded music and videos when suddenly my computer got the blue screen of death, which I solved without any problem, was after I gave a scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors which lasted nearly a day, and when finally end it up, I pressed ok. And since then does nothing but to turn on and off constantly without stopping, I have tried is a safe mode without any result (again the same). In short I can not sign in to give the system restoration, as also I have tried to give f8 to enter safe mode and I also tried f8 to repair harddisk but only see the black screen with the mouse arrow or (indicator) . thanks in advance.

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