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¿Como se dice en ingles, hace que olvidemos nuestras diferencias?

Por favor solo ayúdenmecomo se dice hace que olvidemos nuestras diferencias

make that forget us ?

Y por favor esta carta esta bien escrita

Dear friends of moroco,

Hello, how are they?, i hope they are okay, today i came for greet you and tell you, that here in colombia we are celebrating for win versus uruguay in the world cup, it is a great pride, is a day in which, the colombian people join to changed.

Today is the day that the selection colombia, make that forget us difference of race, religion, political and social class.

Of my life, i tell them that atschool everything is going great, my life in this moment is good.

I study guitar and vocalization, i like go to the cine and eating ice cream.

I'm happy to talk with you, i imagine you are on vacation year end, also wanted to say that I think morocco is interesting country, i find fascinating your culture.

Finally i wish you have great success in their lives.

Best wishes

warm regards

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  • hace 6 años

    Let's forget our differences.

  • hace 6 años

    Let's forget our differences

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