I have a Sony Vaio Laptop VGN- F21M, when I turn it on the logo appears, and then turns off, over and over, the same way.?

This laptop was formatted to windows 7 like a year ago, which has been working perfectly until a couple weeks ago. And these is what i tried

1) Advanced Boot Options, when i try to go on Repair Your Computer, it made the boot, and at the end, it only show me a black screen with the mouse cursor, and stays just like that.

2) I also tried in a Safe Mode, and it does the same as well, with the only difference, that the screen remains in black without the mouse cursor.

3) I tried also to recovery my files using a Hiren's cd recovery disk, unfortunately when i tried to save my files, it shows me that my Local Disk C is corrupted, and I can do absolutely nothing.

4) And in case you want to know, I also tried open the laptop and unplug the CMOS battery for a couple hours and nothing, and cleaning all the dust of every ventilation, the fan works perfect. Nothing Please Help.

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  • hace 6 años

    If the Local Disk C is corrupted, you don't have any other option than reinstalling the OS in your hard drive. Files in your local disk may be corrupted because you either turned off while it was performing an update, or you turned off when it was loading Windows.

  • hace 6 años

    I tried to reformat my laptop but nothing it boot up but at the end the screen remain black

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