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¿is insanity workout worth it?

i'm 15 years old, around 175 centimeters tall and overweight by around ten kilos! my new year's resolution is to finish it with the body of my dreams i go to the gym everyday but mostly for muscling up.

im looking forward to lose 10+ kilos and get ripped after that.

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  • hace 6 años

    Yes, totally, but that depends. I have to say its the same as a good crosfit session.

    The real problem is. Can U handle it?? , don't worry for your goals, you are young, you'll loose 10 kilos esassily even with regular workout.

    To get ripped is triky. You'll probablly need a diet to loose that fat that can hide muscle

  • Anónimo
    hace 6 años

    Yeah, visit this page, you can view more info about insanity http://rutinasinsanity.blogspot.com

  • hace 6 años

    haha ok thank you

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