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What are signs that a girl likes you?

I'm asking about clear and obvious signs! Like if she plays too much with her hair, blushes and when she is too nervious around you etc stuff like that

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    The signs vary from girl to girl. But the most common signs are playing with her hair, being nervous, lots of smiling and laughing, and flirting. It's almost like you can see it in her eyes. She will be willing to listen and hang on to every word you say. Asking a lot of questions is a good sign too! Hope this helped!

  • Bob
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    Dilated pupils, flushed skin ( most obvious at the base of the neck, some look like they have hives), and.. how good is your sense of smell?

  • hace 7 años

    If she doesn't glare at you with heart-withering, soul-crushing hatred, that's a good start.

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