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please, helpme with my english. Its easy for you?

before.. letme say you that I have finished my work, but I have some doubs. please give a hand. thanks!

help to put in order this words:

1) meet pleased to you

2) you do do how

3) to meet nice you

4) to introduce let me you arthur

5) secretary this is my

write this phrases into a negative form

1) I like dogs

2) I like reggae music

3) I like richard

4) I like my new doctor

5) I like sport

put in order this words for build phrases

1) listen I the to radio

2) work I start o'clock at 9:00

3) 6:30 I up wake at

4) from have I to 2 lunch 4 pm

5) I patients talk to the in afternoon the

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    1) Pleased to meet you

    2) How do you do

    3) Nice to meet you

    4) Let me introduce you to Arthur

    5) This is my secretary

    1) I hate dogs

    2) I hate reggae music

    3) I hate Richard

    4) I hate my new doctor

    5) I hate sport

    1) I listen to the radio

    2) I start work at 9 o'clock (or 9:00)

    3) I wake up at 6:30

    4) I have lunch from 2 to 4pm

    5) I talk to the patients in the afternoon

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    One small change on Lucie's answers:

    Rather than "I hate dogs" I would go with "I don't like dogs".

    I don't like reggae music.

    I don't like Richard.

    I don't like my new doctor.

    I don't like sports.

    "Hate" is a much stronger word than "don't like". I don't like President Obama, but I certainly don't hate him.

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    Not even God can help you.

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