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Pixie realizada en SaludSalud mental · hace 5 años

¿I can't stop crying! What's wrong with me?

I'm not too sure what's going on with emotions. Lately it seems like every time I hear an even some-what depressing song or see a slightly emotional part on a TV show, I cry my eyes out. It's been happening for the past few months and it's getting to be more annoying than anything. At first it felt good to let loose and just have a few good cries, but the headaches afterwards are getting old. On average, I'm crying about three or more times a week. That's not counting when I get teary eyed and hold the tears back which is almost daily. Has any one else experienced this?

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  • Pko
    Lv 6
    hace 5 años
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    Consider a psychologist, they are not for crazy people or people with serious mental problems, its for everyone. You just have to learn to be more present.

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  • hace 5 años

    You are not good. You should to go to profesional! It also may be period

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