What's the best violin for a beginner?

I want to play violin but i don't know which violins are good and which aren't, not too expensive but neither too cheap/fragile please.

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    You can go to your local music store and they can help you out with rentals. Its about 100$ a year and after 3 years you get to keep it. They'll help you devide which violin to choose from depending in the typs they have. Also they will help fit you to see if you need a full, 3/4, or half size violin depending on how big or small you are. If you are looking to buy one right away, the brand of violin that i would recommend that is not too expensive but alsoexpento cheap is a höfner or a stentor. Both make great violins and sound beautiful.

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    Reputable violin dealers carry sturdy beginner instruments that are set up to be easy to play.

    Guitar stores carry whatever their wholesaler can get for them. They have no idea how to pick a good beginner violin, and there's no one at the store who knows how to set a violin up properly.

    Internet discount places specialize in selling cheap, poorly made junk to people who don't know any better and will fall for the fake reviews.

    Choose your source wisely and you won't have to worry about being able to tell the good brands from the junk brands.

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    Find your violin instructor first. They'll tell you where to rent or buy something of adequate quality, Whatever you do, don't buy off Ebay or Amazon.

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