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¿Am I gay, bisexual or what?

Please read carefully. I m currently going through puberty.The thing is, I get sexually aroused by the sight of a naked man, focusing on the penis. I even masturbate to the penis no matter what age. (Old/Young) But I don t really get sexually aroused by women, although I do want a relationship with women. I am grossed out to think of a relationship with a man.


My concern is if this is just a phase and then I will become sexually and romantically attracted to women again.

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I was Romantically attracted to women before puberty

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    Idk probably just a phase. You'll know the truth once you meet a girl who wants to get laid with you. If u dont have an erection, consider yourself gay, otherwise dont worry.

  • G'OOD prohibits relationships between men levitico 18:22

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