The word "Committed" in this sentence?

The guy is in jail and it's in the XIX century.

It says:

After I was COMMITTED, I was removed to a room...

That COMMITTED, is it the same as "Condemned" ?

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  • hace 2 años
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    No, "committed" just means "put in the prison", in that context. If the guy was in a mental hospital, "committed" would mean "put in the mental hospital". "Condemned" is a prison sentence, just as "20 years" would be a prison sentence.

  • hace 2 años

    Possibly it means committed for trial and remanded in custody.

  • hace 2 años


  • Mack
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    hace 2 años

    Hmmmm, it could be that he was committed over to the care of the jailor. I've never heard committed as a synonym for condemned or even convicted.

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